Deep down

As I said in the earlier post, who cares who plays well and who doesn't in i decisive game like the one against Bolton. This game is a team effort more than any other.
But: Now we had another loss, even if good intentions in the second half with a injury-stretched-squad and we are deep into sh*t.
There was some individual faults though that separated the teams tonight and looking at the players Bolton actually had better individuals. Stronger and less nervous. (Hello, it's boring Bolton I'm talking about). Well we had many bright players off with various resons, but who cares?
I stood right behind the goal last time we lost to Bolton 1-3, a game were actually Green made the same odd mistake flipping the ball and gave it to the opponent, well a carbon copy of the he did yesterday. As our England No 1 said before the game: "You don't get much bigger than Tuesday's game.". Stronger and less nervous. When he walked off the pitch I couldn't find a more lonley man in the world.
Whatever happens this loss leaves us in a very bad shape this January and how that affects us selling, buying players, selling the team (or not) I am not the man to tell.....
I must say that the ugly way we started and the ugly way we played in was maybe the way to do it. Just banging the ball upwards was not the way to do it without Cole. Franco, Dyer/Stanislas and Diamanti can hardly win a header against those tall defenders still we changed things around a bit and maybe the boring tactics from our leaders was right. If individual mistakes had not been....

Am I totally blind or? Noone discuss Lee's goal, I think Ilunga is clearly on the right side when the ball is played, but noone else seems to see the offside, so I guess I'm at least colour-blind (claret).

Green 4 - His mistake at their second cost us very very much. The curse of a goalkeeper. But why should he be affected by the rest of the team?
Faubert 5 - Bolton tried his flank a lot. Not totally convincing, he did at least OK and fought. The best we have for the RB.
Tomkins 4 - Poor guy. Have I ever seen a player so nervous?? After his first mistake, they came one after the other. Their third goal just the exclamation mark. Time for another selection this weekend again as I think Da Costa will take his place if Upson will be out still. If not earlier he can learn his trade in the CC....
Gabbidon 7 - Our best player along Parker. No mistakes as I saw it. Really convincing game.
Ilunga 5,5 - Looked better today. Was really a part of the build-ups. May find his best soon again. It better be soon.
Collison 5 - Far from his best he had his moments.
Parker 7 - Like a lion once more. Our lung and heart, but not enough this time.
Kovac 5 - Did not like to see him at the teamsheet. But: This was the best I've seen from him so far.
Dyer - Was happy to see hom back, also as he can be the difference for us in a gae like this. But it was chilly and after just 20 he was off... Once again. Will we ever se him again? I doubt it.
Diamanti 5,5 - Beautiful goal. Otherwise very silent evening.
Franco 5,5 - Not his type of game, still moved well and tried hard.

Stanislas 5 - On for Dyer. Well, at least things seem to happen.... Nice try. Even worked in defence today.
Da Costa - Played five minutes up front. Should have been on instead of Tomkinsmuch earlier and I think it would have been right for Nouble to get those few minutes at the end in stead. Even if I can see Zola's idea, it was desperate. May be an idea to hold onto though.


Hakan said...

This match report reminds me of a quote from Samuel Beckett: "When you're up to your neck in shit, the only thing to do is sing."

Prince H said...

Hehe. Maybe. The problem is that we have played much worse that we did in the second half against the lousy Bolton. So I'll still try to look on the bright side of life!

I am also happy that we have a blogg who can discuss football and mention Beckett in the same sentence! More of that please!

Allan said...

Look where where we are!

How low we've sunk.

Last year we vied with little old Fulham who had our cast offs (not up to WH standards), ZamPanKon.

Whats happended now - they are way up the league - Zampankon are playing well. Their Manager has done good with no money to spend. Their future is bright.

Ours ? Down the fizy pop broke with Zola Clarke gone.

Explain to me that I'm wrong please!

Happy New Year to all suffering Hammers!!

Hakan said...

Considering the players and money available to him, Roy Hodgson has probably been the most successful manager in the PL over the last couple of seasons. Zampankon is a good example of this.

Allan said...

Check out Zampankon today!!!

Well done to them all.

A loss tomorrow puts us bottom.

The league does not lie, we are the worst. Against teams we lead aginst we loss not goog enough.

Zola looks and sounds like a man who has runn out of ideas.

Opposite to Fulham manager & players who know what to do, our lot look lost and not up for the fight. We've been here before but few of our present players put them selves on the line - prove me wrong tomorrow please and I'll take it all back.

Any ideas for next manager - Mark Hughes is avalable!

Happy Christmas.

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Allan said...

Whats this above ??

1 - 1 today -

Well done the Hammers,

I'l sleep better tonight.

Prince H said...

Zola answered well! As did the whole team (see another article)