Can it be worse?

As I was unable to follow the game other than on whufc.com you'll have to discuss this loss yourselves. No marks from me.
Another huge Q:n is ; can we really rise from this situation? It seems that we do not have enough leaders out there. Parker seemed far from one today (like he was the other day, gainst Burnley) of the few moments I was to follow from a stream (and he should be the one), Diamanti is energetic but do push himself more than others and our young veteran Noble is below-par (even if his sending off - for the second yellow was an awful miss from the referee as Noble really took the ball well).
Clarke and Zola changes their team all the time, so who do they trust? At least it seemed (the shy, not Captain-substance) Gabbs did really well, and I'm happy about that, cause he should play in a back four that I want much more soild (why do they have to change it every game?) and not changed every week if not new injuries occur. I'd go with Faubert, Da Costa, Gabbs, Ilunga until Upson is back.... The "only" player they seem to be sure of is Kovac who had played more minutes last games than anyone excpected, and if he has convinced Zola/Clarke to continue game after game it's too beyond me..

Today Wolves won, and all other contenders for relegation had one point, including Portsmouth. So no big changes in the bottom. That could be worse. But on the field?? Tell me.....


Allan said...

Can it get worse ?

It will next year in the fizzy pop or if we are closed up bankrupt.

Zola no longer excites me,it looks the same for his team from the way they all play except C Cole who gives his all and has become a top player. The rest all talk that they back him but do NOT give their all on the pitch.

Gold & Sullivan seem to want a real go for WHFC and may be our best bet.

Soon see.

How many points after Boxing Day ????

Allan said...

Times online says Gold boys bid rejected!

What now?

Prince H said...

Maybe the West Ham God will come from the sky and make everbody feel high....
I can't see Gold& Sullivan as a solution, not only because i despise them, but I can't see they have enough money to turn things around either. Let's see what happens. Straumar will certainly await better times if G&S don't increase their bid. Do we know that the Intermarket group is totally out?

Joppe - said...

Too much Marley there Prince H! :)

I say as one part of the community - if they could get B-ham to where they are today, they are good enough for me.
And to quote several others involved in this debate - there are no "sugardaddies" around that are interested in us so mid table stability is the best we can hope for.