A whole team off!

Hi! Hurrah, once again we are the leader of the pack!
We have just beaten Everton and are in the top of the league. Of course I am talking about The Premier Leauges injury table.
Five of nine of our lost men have problems with their hamstrings! Can't our physio do anything to make these hamstrings softer, warmer, stronger??

I am certain I should be able to lend some guys from the reserve team (Edgar? Grasser?) to make "our best team on cruches" complete. Sorry, but two things are not correct: having Behrami in it is a bit of cheting as he is close to full fitness, and I can't find a goalkeeper. Maybe on Sunday?
On the other hand, I do not count on Dean Ashton anymore....

Could we please get some news about Hines knee soon? According to Physioroom Carlton Cole is closest to a return, but I guess Parker and Noble will be with us sooner rather than later? May we see all of'em against Wolves (10th Jan).

Anyway. Our team:

Behrami - Gabbidon - Davenport -Ilunga
LBM - Noble - Parker - Dyer
Hines - Cole

Could they be the answer to beat Arsenal this Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Our number 2 goalkeeper Kurucz is injured, hence why he hasn't made he bench for the past few matches.

TBI said...

Didn't the club bring in these fabulous Italians to cut down injuries?

Joppe - said...

TBI: just my thought. They certainly banged the drum enough about it!

Anonymous said...

It Doesn't matter the whole playing staff will have to be sold anyway

Ekavall said...

I don't understand why the Italians havent brought in some Parma Ham strenghten up our week spots? ;)

Prince H said...

So now I read that Matt Fry har injured his knee and will beout for a month and a half. Soon complete then!

Joppe - said...

Probably a hamstring, but they didn't have the balls to tell us