The 5 most annoying statements

1. "We're 100% behind the manager"
That statement may just have a tiny bit of an off key ring to it don’t you think?
Maybe a sentence from Sullivans “message from the chairman” can explain why. “I was angry and upset as every supporter in the stadium at the disorganised way we played…”
There are at least 10 other observations that turns this statement into one of the daftest from G&S yet.
Filed under "shit we need to say".

2. Gianfranco Zola insists David Gold and David Sullivan are not meddling in first-team affairs at West Ham.
"We realise the performance was absolutely appalling. We can't play like that again, and I'm sure the manager will be making changes for Saturday and I'm sure it will be a much better performance.” That couldn’t have been an owner could it?

3. "I don't think they're putting any pressure on me”
That is Zola again and “they” are the Davids of course. I’d insult your intelligence if I commented this one. Filed in the same folder as no 1.

4. “The most important thing is that they enjoy playing football”
It’s hard believing that anyone in our team is enjoying football at the moment.
I bet one of the most enjoyable feelings of a footballer is when he recognizes that his hard work pays off. Saying "go out and enjoy yourself" never worked.

5. “You're not fit to wear the shirt”
We tend to bear down hard on players not giving it all for the team. Maybe we should all take that “long, hard look” at ourselves that Matty Upson urged the players to take. Getting behind the team and “loving them the most when they deserve it the least” is nothing that comes easy to me, or most fans, but I’m convinced that even if we need to pretend, as most of us will have to, it is the most effective.


Allan said...

Its clear the owners would like to sack Zola but it would cost too much - over 10 million. So they'll shame him into going of his own accord - no cost.

After that appoint Hoddle !!!

That will go down well!!!!

Prince H said...

Just when I thought that Hughes would be (in many ways, not all) a worst-case-scenario we now should get used to be linked with Hoddle. Jesus Maria.

We all know that ALL people in football have a second agenda when speaking (even honest Zola). So I guess there is little reason to get annoyed. But for the football we played this weekend.

ANd yes we have to get behind the team as long as there are chances to play in PL next season. The players are not better than their confidence. So we got to help. But: I am very afraid of the Saturday game between Hull and a tired Fulham (with nothing to play for and a bad habit to lose away from home).

Joppe - said...

Sorry Prince H, bullshit will never be OK by me. It will allways get me annoyed.

Hoddle, new age ball? Feng Shui based game plan? Healer based Med. squad?

TBI said...

This is Newcastle all over again.

Prince H said...

Bullshit is never OK. Of course not. But sometimes you do not have to listen! Or sometimes it's easy to read between the lines, so easy that they do wish for it.

Hakan said...

“This is what I think about Steve Clarke: if, at this moment, he had the chance to manage a club, even a big club like Chelsea, he would be ready for that. He is that good.” — Jose Mourinho.

Hakan said...

One more thing. Joppe claims that saying "go out and enjoy yourself" never worked. I'm not so sure. The Matt Busby team talk at Manchester United started and finished with "enjoy yourself, son". Mind you, he was talking to Law, Charlton and Best.

Joppe - said...

Steve Clarke...
I'd like him to be a brilliant PL manager but if he is that good, why hasn't it shown at least in our defence?
Does that mean that he is average or just too weak to make an impression?

Matt Busby...
To get the players to enjoy the game is the spice you add when you have supplied them with the meat and potatoes of a clear and useful gameplan. I'm sure Busby was aware of this. (and I'm sure Zola is too)

I should have said - it never worked in a losing team.