A game for men

Tonight’s game is a decider extraordinaire.
I have heard the word “sixpointer” maybe once to many already, but one of our most important jobs tonight is to make sure that Wolves go home empty handed.

The key words for tonight’s game are commitment and composure. If Zola knows any additional ways to help the team with this he should do it even if it meant playing a side that may not be the best in every position. Almost regardless of what players we field we have the better players compared to Wolves, so it’s the team effort that is in need of boosting and has been desperately lacking. This may be the kind of game when experience outweighs talent, when understanding of the game plan, regardless of the situation in the game, is crucial.
We cannot afford another game when the fear of losing turn our game into a thoughtless ball chasing event.
Work rate is, as always, also crucial and nothing bothers me more than players not carrying their weight, but without knowing what work should be done, running is of little value. We have seen it once too many already this season.

There has been quite a few good things said about our display against Arsenal, and I am not contending any of that. However I am not sure that it has much bearing on the Wolves game. Against Arsenal we were in the very situation when we have been quite decent this season – with nothing to lose. It would have been really interesting to see what the game had looked like had Diamanti scored from the spot. That is when the composure is needed.

Tonight is all different. We are expected and more or less forced to win. In that situation the fear of losing may turn out to be an enemy much more powerful than Wolves. It’s man or mouse time.


Prince H said...

Good choice of photo! Could have been Repka as well... Or Pearce or... Where are they now? Let's see tonight!

But we canät win this with dirty power alone. We have to play smart as well and make use of our better skill. Let's see tonight.

If we loose I'll will stay in bed all day tomorrow!

Joppe - said...

Exactly - commitment and composure - work rate and ability to stick to the gameplan regardless.
Not an easy task though.

My next PhD will be on sports psychology!
Let's hope Spector (if played) turn out a to be a Rep(li)ka of Dicks tonight.

Prince H said...

Your next PhD will be on puns....

Just two hours left and sooo nervous that I do not longer feel my bad cold.

norm said...

Its over for zola..can not add any more