Bolton bolted Hammers again

We ought to know better by now. But... I expected a win this weekend, even if most of us have seen too many losses against our boogey-team (even more "boogey" than Tottenham?).
And today was awful. Awful.
While Bolton always knew what to do... all the time, it didn't seem that we had a clue. When Bolton attacked they knew were to find Davis, Elmander and the impressing Chung-Yong. We looked up and found noone and no or few runs. Our players (except Cole) was in a place where they are expected to be when we attack. Not like Bolton. This was Bolton's first away win in six months! A bit.. no very embarrasing as we never looked close... even if Stanislas shot right at the bar in the dying minutes was a beautiful effort.
This loss leaves us in a dire situation. Again. We may need a point or three in (at least) one of our fortcoming away games. And the opposition are Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. So after this new "fiasco" (passed by Bolton now) we do have to show much, much more guts, much more energy, much more teambonding, more skill. Or we'll get relegated! But that can't happen can it?

Green 5,5 - May need to work more in the box as their goals hardly was delt by by the CB:s. Even if not at fault for any of the goals he had a bit of a tired game.
Faubert 5 - He was not at his best, had some awful passes, but still I do not know why he was subbed as he was much more involved in attacks than Behrami. (Injured?)
Tomkins 3,5 - Young players do good games and bad games. But a CB is not allowed to do these mistakes. Tomkins first half was his worst ever or at least since Yakubu scored for Everton in Tomkins debut. Was more or less at fault at both goals and did some other serious mistakes. Grew during 2:d. To late then.
Upson 5 - Is this our captain? I guess the annoying Kevin Davis is not his favourite...
Spector 5 - OK, Fooled sometimes but tried hard, and compared with his friends in the back four he was the most decent one.
Behrami 4,5 - During the first half, did he have any passes to the correct address? In these games you got to show some skill, I did not find it in Behrami. He fights yes, he runs yes, but every Bolton player do the same.
Kovac 5 - Did what he had to do and was expected to do (Fought!). But no more.
Parker 6 - After some lousy play were he lost the ball possession and had some even lousier shots he came in and fought and ran hard.
Diamanti 7 - Even if he had three great opportunities from the same (?) free kick spot and was unable to score he was my man of the match today as he was the only one who did the unexpected and at the same time was there to be found when others needed som help.
Franco 4,5 - Not his game at all. Had a wonderful scoring opportunity which he just "fluffed". Played to far away from Cole and to far away from the box.
Carton Cole 5 - Not at his best at all, but tried, fought and came down to midfield to pick the ball up. Continues to limp, does he need a rest? Will McCarthy be ready?

Dyer 6 - Liked what I saw, even if he missed the best opportunity of the game when he was totally free. But that was just 30 seconds after he had come on. The n he showed some skill but not enough.
Mido 4 - Looked slow and far away from the rest of the team. May need a start to begin to show... (or be rested forever?).
Stanislas 5 - Offered something different and - again width and some goal opportunities. As he only gets a couple of minutes each game he is very eager to show what he can do - which isn't always the best way to play...

Chelsea next.

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