When enough isn´t enough

In my last post, before yhe Arsenal game, I wrote that we were the worst prepared team for the relegation battle (of the ones down there) because the managment or the team never expected us to be where we are at the moment. To many losses seems to have erased the little that was left of the confidence. The team doesn´t act like a team anymore.

Zola and Clarke doesn´t seem to be able to get the team going. Benni McCarthys statement about the half time speech at the Wolves debacle is a bit telling. Noone seemed to listen according to The Mirror "The manager tried but everyone's heads had dropped. We didn't really perform. Everyone's heads were in their shirts and everyone was shy to show their faces - it was really hard." Quite worrying one would think..?

I really thought Zola was going to say "enough is enough" and walk out after the game vs Wolves. Especially after the players failed to perform as they did. I thought he was to proud to take that kind of shitty performances (and I thought he could afford it). Now it seems like he´ll stay and maybe it doesn´t matter? How many times has it actually worked out to change the manager (especially with seven games to play?)? I don´t know.

I do know however that I received a letter from mr Sullivan the other day and he wrote the way a lot of us fans feels. At last someone who speaks his mind and recognise shit when he sees it. Maybe it was a publicity stunt with an agenda and maybe it wasn´t good from a psychological point of view (or maybe it was?) but it was surely refreshing.

The most important game of the season is a very worn out expression but it´s never been more valid than for this game. Every game will be more important than the other til the end of the season. At the moment it seems like the only thing that´ll keep us up is if Burnley and Hull also have stopped to gather points. We shouldn´t fool ourself. Ofcourse they haven´t. Therefor we need to gain some on our own, starting tomorrow (and I just can´t see how that´ll be possible with the last couple of games on my mind).

A win vs Stoke puts us on track for 35p. A loss and I can´t see us get more than 32p. Will that be enough? Probably not.

(Game: Prediction, Outcome, +/- from the game, +/- overall)

Aston Villa - WHU: 0p, 1p, 1p, 1p
Portsmouth - WHU: 3p, 1p, -2p, -1p
WHU - Blackburn: 3p, 1p, -2p, -3p
Total January: 6p, 3p, -3p, -3p

Burnley - WHU: 3p, 0p, -3p, -6p
WHU - Birmingham: 1p, 3p, 2p, -4p
WHU - Hull: 3p, 3p, 0p, -4p
Manchester United - WHU: 0p, 0p, 0p, -4p
Total February: 7p, 6p, -1p, -4p

WHU - Bolton: 1p, 0p, -1p, -5p
Chelsea - WHU: 0p, 0p, 0p, -5p
Arsenal - WHU: 0p, 0p, 0p, -5p
WHU - Wolverhampton: 3p, 0p, -3p, -8p
WHU - Stoke: 3p
Total March: 7p

Everton - WHU: 0p
WHU - Sunderland: 1p
Liverpool - WHU: 0p
WHU - Wigan: 3p
Total April: 4p

Fulham - WHU: 1p
WHU - Manchester City: 0p
Total May: 1p

(Prediction, +/- according to prediction, pointing towards x amount of points)

Total 2009: 18p
Total 2010: 25p, -4p, 21p
Total 09/10: 43p, -8p, 35p


Joppe - said...

Zola IS a man of honor I'm sure.

The way Sullivan has handled this hasn't helped. Sullivan wants Zola out without paying him off and the dirty ways of Sullivan rightfully pisses Zola off.

What he says in the letter should have been said behind closed doors and a solution worked out between them! But that will not be the Sullivan way, ever, if it would mean that he loses money by doing so.

I do agree, as any reader of my posts will know, that Zola, or Clarke for that matter, is the one for us.

Dicks said...

I´m not sure I agree. Sometimes you´ve got to be allowed to recognise shit when you see it. Sometimes you even have to tell the ones involved even if their pride is hurt by it. The players should just swallow this, cause nothing in the statement was untrue regarding the game vs Wolves. They should just hold their hands up and say that they´re sorry, they weren´t good enough. I guess it´s some kind of "damned if you do and damned if you don´t" to be a chairman. We never heard anything from mr Brown and that was wrong. We hear a lot from this one and that´s wrong to. And we all know about the Icelandics...

You mean that Zola would have walked (resigned by his own choice) if Sullivan hadn´t been as outspoken? I don´t agree on that one.

Joppe - said...

No, recognizing shit is not the issue here. Throwing the same shit around IN PUBLIC is.

And no, I mean there could have been some kind of an agreement between the owners and Zola admitting Zola to leave with some dignity and with a compensation that he is entitled to as he is under contract.

Dicks said...

Well I´m sure they´d work something out if he´d offer his resignation.

But as I said, damned if you do and damned if you don´t. I guess that works for Zola as well as Sullivan.

Joppe - said...


TBI said...

I did have us on 38pts and survival. I now have us on 32pts and going down.....

Dicks said...

TBI: Well, that´s the amount of points I get to in the prediction as well. Though I struggle to see how we´re going to get even those points the way we play now.

Zola to walk out tomorrow and Brooking as an interrim manager til the end of season might do the trick though?

Prince H said...

We are the new Newcastle, but wont have 40000 people at our games in CC next season...

marry said...

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