If.... we actually mention the unmentionable....

I do not want to mention the War. As we are all a bit superstitious and if some players begin to think in the same way, and if.... Well, Yes if. If we can lose against Wolves and Stoke at home and if Hull can get some energy from their last win (a win that was not hard to predict) we actually can "do a Newcastle". A team too good to go down, a team with disastrous finances but with good individual players but no team gut. We have done it before and we can do it again. Go d....
Despite the money from the Davids.... Despite that we might have a handful of players in South Africa this summer...

But what do we have next year, if we go d..... At least you can speculate.... I am not sure of most of the contracts. Some of them may give the players freedom to leave if we drop. Some may be longer than I know, the David's may offer useless contracts, who knows? But let's start anyhow.

Green - Will probably leave anyhow. Has spoken about doin a couple of years abroad, but where? It will of course depend on how he will do in an England shirt this summer, a question raised as he has been less strong in the last months then when he became England No1.
Julien Faubert - Will miss Africa, but will leave us, as I see him go back to a top team in France.
Jonathan Spector - As he won't attract any PL teams he will be here next season as well.
James Tomkins - I guess some teams will be interested, but I guess he knows that he can have use of a season in the CC, he will stay too.
Matthew Upson - Sold. How much can we get?
Gabbidon - Will be released, sorry to say, as he has been injured too many games, too many times now. But we surely could have use of an experienced CB next year. Will not go to another PL team I guess, so Cardiff or retirement....
Manuel Da Costa - Still young he could do a year in CC and grow. Guess it is up to the (new) coach and how Da Costa enjoys London. I would keep him, even if it may be a year for Spence to get a place in the first 11. If da Costa leaves it would be for an international career.
Daprela - Stays.
Ilunga - Goes to West Brom, Newcastle or Bolton. (pity)
Diamanti - How much I would like to see him here in claret & blue in CC he will have his career somewhere else. May be back in Italy - in a top team - rather sooner than later, but may also chose a career in PL. He may not attract the top four, but which ( other)team can he chose that plays as beautiful as him?
Jack Collison - A real talent that I guess could attract many teams in PL, but he do also have a big WH heart and will have an operation in his knee this summer. So stays!
Kovac - Sold the 10th of May. Germany, Russia or home....
Scott Parker - Uh, how much we will miss him. But we must understand that he wants to do another year or two in the top flight. Harry would probably be there for him....
Mark Noble - We can not sell all our central midfielders. Noble can attract teams like Villa, Sunderland and Blacckburn. Tottenham is no alternative. But we will do our best to keep him in our team and as a new Captain he might stay here with his big West Ham heart.
Junior Stanislas - Must stay. And I'm very happy about it!
Behrami - Will go back to Italy. Or Spain.
LBM - Will not be offered any new contract anyhow.
Dyer - Will not be offered any new contract anyhow. Will leave.
Carlton Cole - Will probably be sold to Arsenal for 10 millions. Anyway.
Ilan - Will leave anyhow.
Mido - Will leave anyhow.
McCarthy - Has a contract that do not expire this summer, but probably a contract that tells that he can leave if we go down. But I am not so sure that he will (if we will). At least not if he misses the World Cup at home this summer. Can be an important senior for us in the CC.
Freddie Sears - The youngster has not blossomed when on loan in the CC. Will he come back and lead the line now? Not so sure. May leave.
Zavon Hines - May be our key-player next season.
Nouble - Our new Carlton Cole must stay.

From our own ranks: Stech, Kurusz, Edgar, Spence, Fry, Örn, Montano.

This may be a very good, but much too young team - with only McCarthy, Noble and Spector at least a bit older. Will D&D buy some senior players from a Birmingham sale? If they still really will fight for the Olympic Stadium we can not do more than a year in CC, and it leaves them with a lot of more spending.

Well, anyway but looking at this it is this leaves us with another question and opportunity:

Who may be the best guy to lead youngsters to success, educate them and take that time?

It may well be Zola.

If he stays this season out, without being able to keep us in PL, the answer to our future may actually be the Italian. But what about the others, the players?


Joppe - said...

I pretty much agree and what I'm not convinced of can go either way.
Sears, Spector...
Dyer has another year on his contract though hasn't he?

It would be better for my heart if you had chosen "would" in stead of "will"... ;-)

Anonymous said...

spot on.but i think zola will walk.his family will ask, are you happy,he will say no,and he wont come back.i felt since the fulham game,when they went down to 10 men,and we just about got a draw,we were doomed.there is no such thing as a team to good to go down.the thing we west ham fans have to come to terms with, is our team is a yo yo team.
apart from the odd cup run and a top 5 finish.i cant remember anything else.and ive been here from the age of 10,and i am 52 now.coyi.delboy.

Prince H said...
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Prince H said...

An: Well according to Sky he will actually stay and fight on. If he do not succed he may - if this article comes true- he will still be with us further. I do no know what his contract stipulate (or anyones) but it may be better for D&D to stick with him whatever happens...

Joppe - said...

Maybe the insight that this will not fix itself - we must all work our socks off, and together, to avoid relegation is what was needed. As Dicks said in a post not long ago.

Prince H said...

Dicks will save us!