Kovac was good!

As I've been away, I was not able to watch the game against Chelski until now, and as most things have been said out there already, there are just a few things that I've been thinking about.
As opposed to many/most comments on the net I think Kovac was very good. We all know that the Czech can't offer much goin forward and - yes - he lacks feet to pass the ball like an Aquiliani.
But he has improved a lot defensivly and against Chelski he ran like a lion hunting. I think he was the main reason, together with our team spirit (and maybe Chelski's lack of the same), that we had an even game in 55 minutes. We all saw that Parker was dominating - if not the pitch, at least - the team. But I think he is offered a lot of liberty when Kovac is there behind him. Parker did a hell of a job defensivly as well, I know, but still I think they are doin quite well together. If we just had an even more creative passer in front of them.... In the last ten minutes Kovac was probably the most tired man on the field, but that is another story.

Gabbidon's come-back gave the team a less hysterical look when we defend. Maybe he will partner Tomkins next year. As I guess Upson - who once more didn't captain the team on the field or played like a CB Capello would like to have - will be sold.
Why Diamanti and Cole (the knee I suppose) was rested is still a big Q. At least Mido seemed to enjoy to play. As opposed to Ilan. Dyer also showed that he is not a finished article even if I once more would have given Stanislas more time.....
I think we played pretty alright this weekend and 4-1 was -as Zola said -flattering for the home team. But once more we let the fans down after goin 2-1 down. Why do we, once more, seem to just give up??


norm said...

No warriors in the team..at 2-1 we should have shown more bite..instead the heads went down..over the years we have had one or two fighters in the team...yes kovac did ok so did parker..but where were the others?..STAND UP WESTHAM.!!!!!!!..WE ARE IN A SCRAP AND ITS TIME TO SHOW SOME BOTTLE!

Prince H said...


Anonymous said...

Kovac is pure S**it

Allan said...

Zola is to blame as Upson shows he is no captain, think of Billy Bonds as a very good captain. Parker was the clear captian candidate.

Upson and Green get a glazed look when we are behind, neither is inspirational and therfore I would let them go in May.

I shall be at the Wolves game and hope that the whole team give 100%, which was as I said a few weeks ago, is not too much to ask, but it turns out it's not in our teams make up; who is to blame for this ?

Only the Manager can rev them up and he is clearly not doing so as the Davids have noted. So Zola please prove us all wrong and get some real spirit going to get winning.

Joppe - said...

I don't think Parker is the ideal captain either (and is not to be blamed for that). He leads by example, and thats fine, but some of the players are not subtle enough to get the drift. They need someone to come up to them during a game and tell them what is expected of them. Maybe not quite like Roy Keane but in that vein.

Also, they need a useful defensive gameplan with clear roles that they can work along the lines off. I couldn't watch the last game so it may not apply to it but previously, also when working hard, the defense feels a bit disorganized meaning even when working hard they look panic stricken. Especially the defence of the midfielders

Allan said...

I agree Parker is not ideal (not a Billy Bonds). So who would you pick ? Parker would be better than Upson in my opinion.

The truth is the players do not seem sure of their roles or game plan. The blues were last night beaten by a team pushing right in their faces and not giving an inch. Our defence give far to much room and then suffer as a result.

I can not see us getting many more points now. Our fate will be up in the air untill the last game with the other lower teams possibly playing worse than us so letting us stay up. Not a very positive view but there it is.

bencanfixit said...

I think Parker would make a great captain and I believe he would be tearign some asses right now if he was but at the moment it's not his position to, thats how i feel about it

Prince H said...

If Noble starts to play ten times better I think he can be a good Captain!

Joppe - said...

As prince H implies, a captain must be a starter and one that the rest of the players know allways turn out a very decent performance.
He needs to be in a "social" position to tell anyone to get their stuff together, meaning he needs to have the respect of the other players as a person and that is often harder for a younger player. At the moment I see no one in the team that fits the bill so my vote (if anone cared) is Parker, despite his shortcomings.


Prince H said...

Not yet, but I'vre read that Cole helps the younger one out as much as he can. In two years time maybe. Parker is my answer as well. At the moment.

Joppe - said...

OK, interesting!
He seem engaged in what happens on the pitch in a way that gives me hope. Granted mostly when the passes aimed for him are misplaced or even not placed at all. But also when others are not taking the runs he wanted them to and that's promising. Also takes defensive responsibility when in shape.