Which nail in the coffin was this, Zola?

Do you remember West Ham-Reading 0-6?? Well, that was not under Zola's regime. Just as to put some things in perspective. But anyway it's not easy to say anything clever after 1-3 against Wolves in THE important game of the season....
Yes: We dominated and had two or three times as many goal scoring opportunities as Wolverhampton. The team who had scored least goals in the league did not create much, but still did three goals! In a way this makes things even more Embarrasing.
I have defended Zola even in my sleep, but can no longer see Zola turn this ship. Sorry I want you here, but... this.... Well, I still can see the players do it, but they got to do it fast. Please grow that confidence that can build champions!
We are lucky that there are Hull, Burnley and Ports, three really bad teams out there this year. I guess they do mention us in the same sentence....
As we didn't show any creativity, even less any teamplay today. The Wolves tactics was easy to spot and understand, but our tactics were? Can someone explain please?

Green 4 - I do not care much about the English national team, but if this is the best they can get.... I mean Greeno used to save shots like this. Used to save at least one shitty shot in the game. Well, not his fault any of the goals... but not very convinving either. Back to No6?
Faubert 7 - Probably our best man out there, back from injury he showed energy and was one of few that won some 50-50-situations.
Tomkins 2 - Sorry man, but you did it against Bolton, a extremely important game, and you did it again. Situations that seems to be of no harm, turns up to be crucial against us. Won't do. I can understand that you got hurt.... I hope you can survive and come back stronger, but not sure. Off 45.
Upson 3,5 - Was lost at their second, slipped at their third. Our Captain was not even able to handle his back four. Will be sold this summer if there are any bidders left.... Will he even go to SA?
Daprela 5 - Deflected the shot which led to 0-2, but tried. Our future man, but hop to see Ilunga next.
Behrami 4 - Not good enough. Very invisible and when he went into the middle there was even less creativity than when Kovac was on the field. Yes, alright he ran but that is not enough.
Parker 7 - Well, this man showed a big heart and was self-sacrificing as always. Lost some and won some but fought! Lovely double- opportunity!At the moment he is our only man to sit next to Capello on that flight.
Kovac 3 - Disaster. Lost every ball, missed every pass. What happened, all of a sudden he looked like the player he was when he came.
Diamanti 6 - Tried and fought. That is what I demand. But not one of he best games as Wolves were good to defend close on him (and on everyone of our players). Should use his speed more.
McCarthy 4,5 - Had some good ideas, more pace than most of the others and some passes that can fit Cole when they have played more games together. But as they all were lost today, I was not satisfied. Is not up to even 60 minutes yet.
Cole 5 - Well he wanted so much, he fought and looked quite good when he came down in the field to pick the ball up. But up there not much today. Wolves had no problems to defend their box at all. Was prevented by the lack of creativity from midfield, on the other hand he is far from any form at all.

Spector 4,5 - On for Tomkins at halftime. The good thing with the American is that he can play nearly everywhere. The bad thing is that he seldom do it very well (apart from Arenal last game). Was lost on their third and conclusive goal.
Stanislas 4,5 - On for Kovac at halftime. Had big problems with the guests hard and close defending, and as he seldom goes to the left, close to the line, he was no problem at all for Wolves. Well, at least he showed some energy and had a great cross. I had expected a bit more but when Wolves do have their lead it's not easy for a young guy to make things goin...
Franco 6 - Three nice tries before he with an even nicer chip gave us our only goal. Far to late, but that is not his fault. The problem is that he when he came on looked really fast. But I guess he is the slowest man in the team....

Well, we are not doomed yet. Far from. But I think Zola is.
Stoke next.


norm said...

Zola resting players for crucial games..no wonder the team love him..i would love my boss if he gave me time off!..thats why we are in trouble..the fat lady is clearing her throat and his about to sing..

Anonymous said...

Zola needs to go. It's very Simple.

Canadian Canuck

Baker Boy said...

Zola would actually do himself and us a favour by saying "sorry guys, its not working" and fall on his sword...or will he take us down and cost us another 3 years in any development of West Ham

and should we just accept that we are NOT ever going to anything better than a yo-yo team?

delboy said...

i walked out.i did not boo i just walked.i get paid next week.that was my last 35 quid.many thanks west ham.now go collect your 50/60k a week.and all piss off when we go down.this team have not got a clue how to play football,and dont have the guts for a fight.thats the worst part,NO GUTS,delboy. ps,no way we will beat stoke.

Joppe - said...

It has been clear for some time in my mind that Zola is unable to make this team click.

I like his playing filosophy, and I'd love to watch the team play juga bonito but to be honest it hasn't been much of that at all this season.

As I've said before, Zola may well be a good manager given the right resources, but he can't get THIS team to play winning football. Not only in the sense of points but in way of creating chances/dominating games.

This season is not quite over, there are still enough games that may be winable to keep us up.

The last handful of games are, however, very unpredictable as some teams doesn't have much to play for. Just ask the bookies.

Prince H: are you out of bed yet?

Prince H said...

I'd give Zola this last games, cant see that anybody coming in would be able to change things round. But I who really supports Zola expects someone coming in this summer. I hope it will be more interesting than Hughes, cause I am anti-Hughes!

It was interesting to see Franco shake things up yesterday. Do you have to be that experienced to dare?

Joppe: Had to. But the cold is still rumblin on.

Hakan said...

Maybe one aspect of this poor performance is that WH's game plan tends to rely very much on Carlton, and when he's absent or not at his best they don't really have a plan B. Full marks only to Parker who was my MotM by a mile.

Allan said...

Parker gave his all and Fabert also, he had to try & make up for Diamanti playing right winger when he is a left footer without any pace! Can any one explain why Zola placed him there?

It was great to hear the fans sing and shout to get our WH team going, but one goal down the team with the exception of the two above just gave up and I knew then the Wolves goals were comming - and they sure did.

Zola said to blame - him so I do, but what good is that as the team do not respect or respond to him. He might as well go now as its going to get worse for him as the fans are turning against him in great numbers. If we lose Saturday I hate to think what reception he'll get then. Its a pity as I really like the guy but he does not seem to have it in him to control and the team.

Prince H said...

If West Ham lose on Saturday I think Zola will retire... as will Clarke and Keen may take over.