Am I talking bullard?

How much can a player with - next after Crouch - Premier League's thinnest legs affect a team? Enormously! If our former trainee Bullard (one of these I never understood why we let go, as he was as talented as we've seen later on. One year more and he could have been a PL player) will play for Hull tomorrow I am not as certain anymore. Will we really grab those three points then? So, can I really be scared for Bullard? That PL's funniest (?) player can give Hull a boost enough to give the guests a point? Yes I can.
We've seen it before. Looking at wins, draws and losses recently we have exactly the same amount of points as our guests, but that was "long ago" as we now have Cole back. And Franco, Ilan, and Mido. For instance. But looking at it Bullard may be back for Hull now, a player that can with fortune, class and energy give boost to a team.
Latest five PL games shows us (just) one win. The one against Birmingham. Hull's win is a good one: Against Man City! Our draws are against Tottenham, Villa and Blackburn. Hull's are Wolves and Chelsea! So do not count'em out. Remember Bullard may be back.

The biggest problem is that we really HAVE to win this one.
Hopefully we do it with style - but Parker may be right, the team may have to do it dirty!
My team:
Faubert - Tomkins - Upson - Daprela
Stanislas - Behrami - Diamanti
Cole - Mido

Bench: Stech, Spector, Kovac, Noble, Collison, Ilan, Franco

Diamanti showed what he can do from the left against Birmingham, Stanislas who is rightfooted will give us width at right. I'm not totally convinced by Mido yet, but I think he might be a better starter than coming from the bench. Ilan will be really good - as I said earlier - for us, but I do not expect Zola to start him yet, as he probably not will do with Franco, just back from his injury. Happy for the Mexican! Hopefully we do show that attack is best defence!


Anonymous said...

Agree with all of the starters except Deprela. We've only seen him once. He did well but I dont think we bench an in form Spector right now. Not convinced with Mido. Maybe Ilan's fitness isn't there yet. Just happy to have Cole back!!

http://theboleyninheritance.wordpress.com/ said...

Only a fool would think any game in the premiership is a certain win. We are near the bottom for a reason remember....