Two points dropped at home

In an attempt to look at our survival hopes I tried to make some "until end of season prediction" early in January. To read that post click here. I tried to make the prediction as realistic as possible which means that I have us down to wins at home vs teams on the second half of the table and losses vs teams on the first half of the table away. We´ve dropped some points that should´ve been in the bag but if we manage to follow the prediction I think it´ll be enough for staying clear of the relegation zone.

Things have changed since I made the predictions in January but I won´t change anything. At least our chances to make it now should be slightly better. Unfortunately we lost some points the last two games and I believe it was down to failing to have our strikers fit (and no new strikers) and raring to go. Don´t get me wrong, Nouble did as well as anyone could expect from a 18 year old youngster but we shouldn´t have been in a situation where we have to depend on him during these circumstances. I do think he´s a great prospect and I´m sure his time will come. Sooner rather than later!

We lost another two points during the weekend. Blackburn at home is a game where we should expect to get all of them. The last few years this has been a team we usually beat and knowing their "not to good" away form this was a three pointer. I wasn´t able to watch the game but according to what I´ve read about it we weren´t particularly close to the three points. A weak game from our boys. That won´t do during the coming months.

Thouhg one should have in mind that Blackburn these days are managed by one of our real bogey managers. If I´m not mistaken he´s played us 15 times since becoming manager and only lost three times. One of those were a FA-cup replay which ended up in extra time during our run in to the final vs Liverpool. The goal difference in these games adds up to 10 - 19. His teams really plays a way that doesn´t suit West Ham even though it´s become a bit better since joined Blackburn were he hasn´t managed a win yet. Three straight draws is what he´s managed.

Now, could we afford this drop of points? Well, we´ll still manage but the line we´re walking is getting thinner and thinner. We couldn´t afford to drop many more now...

(Game: Prediction, Outcome, +/- from the game, +/- overall)

WHU - Wolves: 3p (postponed)
Aston Villa - WHU: 0p, 1p, 1p, 1p
Portsmouth - WHU: 3p, 1p, -2p, -1p
WHU - Blackburn: 3p, 1p, -2p, -3p
Total January: 9p (6p), 3p, -3p, -3p (one game postponed)

Burnley - WHU: 3p
WHU - Birmingham: 1p
WHU - Hull: 3p
Manchester United - WHU: 0p
Total February: 7p

WHU - Bolton: 1p
Chelsea - WHU: 0p
Arsenal - WHU: 0p
WHU - Stoke: 3p
Total March: 4p

Everton - WHU: 0p
WHU - Sunderland: 1p
Liverpool - WHU: 0p
WHU - Wigan: 3p
Total April: 4p

Fulham - WHU: 1p
WHU - Manchester City: 0p
Total May: 1p

(Prediction, +/- according to prediction, pointing towards x amount of points)

Total 2009: 18p
Total 2010: 25p, -3p, 22p
Total 09/10: 43p, -3p, 40p


Anonymous said...

Won't get a draw against Birmingham IMO, a loss for you sorry.

Dicks said...

That´s possible. But we do need a draw vs Birmingham, at least. :-)

Allan said...

I guess it will go to the last game. Fulham 1 WH 2

Mido to get the winning goal!

Golden Davids very ery happy.

Joppe - said...

Dicks, care to elaborate on what games you think are especially close calls? Where do you give us at least a fighting chance to regain those missing 3ps?

TBI said...

Here's my prediction. If we are still fighting relegation come March, Zola will be out of a job.

Reason: New owners + cash injection = now it's your turn to prove to us you can do the job.

Dicks said...

I guess the home games and the one away at Fulham.

Birminham at home.
Bolton at home.
Sunderland at home.
Fulham away.

Man City at home in the final game will be a tough one but if they don´t have anything to play for iin the final game we might be in with a shout. What do you think?

I think you´re right. Let´s just hope he´ll turn it around.

Joppe - said...

Yes, Sunderland have managed one win and only 3 drawn games away so far, so that would be my bet to get a few points back.
I'm afraid TBI is right too. And I don't necessarily think it will be a bad thing. As allways it depends on the alternative. Curbs would be a dissaster. I'll get back to that in a few posts.

Allan said...

I've just watched the Aston Sky interview and have to say how well he spoke about his injury and the WH.

He'll never run again and I'm sorry for any negative observations I've made about him in the past. Had I'd know what was really the situation with his ankle I would not have made those comments.

Good luck to him in the future.

Joppe - said...

I am glad to say that you will find it very hard to find a negative word about him in this blog.
I wonder how long his money will last.