Joppe schtum over Bubbleview future!

The fateful words "Not really" echoes and dies in the corridors of the Bubbleview building as Joppe answers the inevitable question - "have you considered your B-view future?

It's a well known factoid that Joppe has quite some time to go on his contract and still does not find a good reason to plead for his Bubbelview future.
"I want Bubbleview to do well and I'm focusing on my next post" is another statements he's given lately and the hidden message in that is plain to everyone.

It’s been a busy week in the West Ham-related world indeed!
An ex-(?) player get money according to his contract, another makes the headlines for all the wrong reason and an ex-manager gets some money, and an all but dead project turns out to be an all but dead project. And then the final one - the cherry on the cake - an England international has not yet decided whether he's going to extend his stay with our relegation threatened team beyond the summer of 2011 but for less money...
Yep, there is the major content of the West Ham-related posts and articles on blogs and sites.
I guess one should be happy that we don’t have to post about Sullivan having another tantrum or another player getting injured in training, but still.
I do find one topic of some real footballing interest and that is the Dixon for Ireland U-21s stuff. Good for him!

All this in a week coming up to a game that may decide our PL fate.
The Hull game is of greater than great importance. In the next four games we’ll face all the top three teams away, mixed with another season deciding bout with Bolton at the Boleyn. So if we can’t win the game tomorrow we’ll have 3 or 4 out of 15 points available before the Wolves game March 23:rd. And Bolton will certainly be fired up, as that game is as important to them as it is to us.
So even if I do hope and believe that we can get the additional odd point against the top teams, tomorrow’s game may well play a big part in deciding in what league we will be playing next year.
Curbs? Still want to go on about Curbs?


Hakan said...

Rumour has it that Joppe is the subject of an intense tug-of-war between (kind of) leading Arsenal-, Chelsea-, Tottenham- and Manchester United-blogs. The prospective signing-on fees are believed to be huge, but at the same time Joppe might be reluctant to rock the boat at this crucial stage of the season. The developments are likely to spark a strong wave of "Keep Joppe at Bubbleview" protests, starting at the game against Hull.

Prince H said...

I thought he was going to lend Portsmouth a hand?