One musketeer to go...

G&S are well known for their "hands on", cost cutting way of running a football club, so them getting rid of a member of the staff that picks up a decent check every month, and who is intimately associated with, and hired by, the sacked Duckers can't surprise anybody.

Zola came to the club lured here by Duckers and Nani and the "Football Project".
In the first interviews all Zola went on about was how important and interesting it was to develop young players and turn them into PL material. During that first year the most common theme in Zola interviews was the close cooperation between himself, Dux and Nani. That he was managing the team but that the three of them were working very closely together for West Hams future. This was also emphasized by Duckers and Nani, as in this Q&A with Dux on the OS. It was evident that this way of running things appealed to Zola and that he believed it could be successful.

After thrashing the results so far this season G&S were recently forced to either sack or back their manager. They decided to back Zola. For owners to go public with sharp criticism of the under achievement of the team tells me way more than any official backing following such a criticism. The manager is doubtless in jeopardy in that situation.

From the other angle Zola has lost 2 of his three mates in the management. Zola and Clarke are left to administer what is handed to them by the owners. This was obviously always the case, Zola had hoped for less Kovacoid players and more of the kind that Savio represented - at least until we saw him play... but at least he was involved.
Looking at some comments during the dying days of the transfer windows it is clear that Zola was not or didn't feel involved in the process. I talked about that in THIS post and the Zola quote I used was the pretty obvious "The Club are looking for some reinforcement but we didn't speak about a budget. They are trying to strengthen the team and that is enough for me".

Not involved and two of the three corner stones of the "football project" are gone. I think it is reasonable to extrapolate.


Paul said...

I think your comments and opinion are well founded. Zola will not be in charge next year. Leaving aside fan opinion of Zola's performance so far it is plainly clear that D&D do not rate him and want their own man in charge, their comments on Zola highlight this and I do not believe it was to gain a performance from the team. They have weighed up the cost of sacking him and decided against it, I think the only question is will Zola walk or wait for the compo? Who will come in?

Joppe - said...

Well put Paul I agree.
G&S will certainly give Zola a chance to walk and as he doesn't do this for the money I think he will.

Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is cheque not check!

apart from that, I agree and am firmly of mind that Curbs will be back next season and while many don't want him for reason such as 'he doesn't play nice football' will have to moan because personally I think we had some cracking games under Curbs but most importantly he is a very good manager.

Joppe - said...

I'm no fan of Curbs but you may well be right.

Anonymous said...

What is this insanity?! Curbishley back?!! Seriously I have never known such a dour defeatest in my life! I'm no Zola worshipper but Curbs is 'anti-football' and I believe we stayed up in the 'Great Escape' despite him not because of him. He is not 'West Ham' either, no more than Twitcher is.

Paul said...

I don't believe it will be sadsack (no reason to back this up)
It will be a manager that doesn't mind having a restricted budget and has a proven record of producing results leaving the club in a mid table place.

You can see why the link to Hughes has been made!

Allan said...

Change the record :

Bournemouth,West Ham, Southampton,Portsmouth, all had/ have serious money problems. .

Whats the common denominator?

Watch out you yids!!!

Anonymous said...

Zola is still there because ..... ?
Roeder, Curbs, Pards would have all gone by now if they were 'achieving' Zola's 'success'.

All this talk about Zola and our Academy, I thought it was well established before Zola took up mismanagement.

Joppe - said...

In an optimal wold Zola would have been in charge of developing players, young and established. It's beyond doubt that he has been successful in that part of management. Time and again we hear players saying that they want to play for him and thanking him for helping them take another step.

The way he has been stubborn in his gameplan regardless of the players at his disposal and still being inconsistent in the squad he's been naming is, however, not to my liking.
Will he always do this as a manager? No, he has no previous managerial experience bar U-21 international and is still very much learning. He may still be a very successful manager, given a squad that is able to play his game. There are few, if any, examples of managers being an instant hit in the PL and even fewer that starts their management career at this level.

But this post was never about the pros and cons of Zola. It was about wether he will stay at our helm.

Anonymous said...

G&S are successful business men.
I think they will give Zola a fair crack of the whip. But he has until April.

We can see that they also don't like wasting money. Before G&S, when Zola asked for a reasonable sum to get a player it was granted. But he has brought in a number of players who are just playing in the reserves, or moved on.

We needed an Ashton, a Bellamy, a Collins and a Dyer replacement, and just ended up adding to a group of players taking money out of the club and not getting into the first team.

Tony Carr doesn't need Zola, he did well enough before Zola turned up. I can't see how people can relate Zola to our Academy.

Joppe - said...

Can't remember having related Zola to the Academy. It's a fact that most of the youngsters are on record saying they love to work with him.
The financial meltdown started before Zola had a chance at any transfer window. He was never given the chance he was "promised" when they hired him.
He was left with the less than desirable job to persuade important players to stay and to get cheap cover for players being sold or injured (Tristan, DDM...). Go back and take a look at the posts around Nov Dec 2008 as well as the summer of 2009 posts.
Zola was "guilty" of naïvely advocating a thinner squad, reasoning that people should either contribute or being honed for the future. Unfortunately the timing for that kind of stance was all wrong for him but perfect for broke owners. He was left with cover players for starters, Faubert for instance, and 19 year olds for cover.

I think he may one day be a great manager, if he wants to, not in West Ham however.

Anonymous said...

Possibily. I didn't understand why he plays so narrow all the time, with lots of short passes, then it struck me while watching Chelsea against Milan last week :-)

Same formation, different class of player. We play a series of short passes just inside our own half and get ourselves into trouble (usually ending with the ball going back to Green) - they play the same and then open up the play.

Joppe - said...

Can't agree more. There is one of the main problems right there. Not adapting the style of play to the squad.

Prince H said...

If Zola wants to stay, and if Zola does alright in the relegation fight I think he'll be here in August. Can't see G&S sack him or pay him to leave. Zola seems to be very popular among the players and I think G&S actually have started to rate him. As G&S are aware of our fans, traditions and - not least - our Economy I think they will let or little Italian stay. At least if he is prepared to coop with them. There are to many weeks left to say anything certain in this issue, things can develop fast, But I doubt that Nani and Zola were that close.... Clarke is of course far more important for Zola.

Joppe - said...

If he wants to stay, indeed.
G&S has signaled further changes in the staff.
Time will tell but I know where my money is.

TBI said...

Zola wont be manager next season. G&S don't want him and he doesn't want to work under them so everyone's a winner.

Prince H said...

TBI: Not the audience and fans if Curbs, Hoddle or Mark Hughes will arrive....