Video proof that Ilan can score

I know next to nothing about our new Brazilian so I did some "youtubing" and sticked my favourits on here if you don't care to go looking yourself.

Many goals but disgraceful soundtrack:

Cream of the crop:

A more realistic view when in claret and blue.
At the right place in the box:


Anonymous said...

First clip first goal. Obviously played with Ilunga then.

J WHU said...

Good find. Maybe Hérita recommend him.

Anonymous said...

Looks to be good, but then again so did Faubert on YouTube... I'm going to reserve judgement til I see him though! Reckon we would need to adapt our play a bit as looks like he likes wingers playing balls across the box - ours is either through the middle or Faubert's crosses from deep which rarely meet a Claret and Blue head... Hopefully Zola has found us a gem!

Anonymous said...

We have three... Now how do we use em??

Baker Boy said...

Christ alive..did you see the speed the winger played the ball in from the wing for the 3rd clip???

...we could never do that!...could we?

..can i take my tongue out of my cheek now?

Hakan said...

I don't understand why Zola (or GS?) wanted three strikers. The only reason I can think of, apart from desperation, is that there are serious doubts about Carlton's fitness.

Joppe - said...

I think we wanted 2 (as I said in the post below 1 for cover and one for the starting XI) and that Sullivan found the Mido deal to tempting to pass on -> 3.

Baker - we have the speed in Faubert, it's the delivery that will be impossible... :)

Prince H said...

Joppe: Faubert's crosses seems to be a bit like Diamanti's. Not all of them are bad.

Hakan: Cole is fit and will prove he should go to South Africa!

One goal like the one over his head and he will be a cult hero!

TBI said...

AAAHHH Youtube shmutube. I'll pass judgement when I see him with my own eyes.