Brilliant transfer window!

This transfer window was all I hoped for (I know stuff can still be anounced, but I nurture a hope for yet another signing rather than fear an important loss..).

Can you believe - with all the talk about firesale and all - that no one seem to be leaving but Quashie!
Not Parker, not Green, not Cole, not Behrami but Quashie!
How about that, quality stays and surplus leaves! This is the first time in 3 windows we actually can say that the squad looks better after the window closes than when it opened.

I had a bit of a dejavue the other day when Zola said that Coles return was "like a massive new signing for us". It had my adrenaline pumping, thinking the McCarthy transfer fell through. Those are the kind of statements we have had "up to here" after the Icelandic banking crash, so I think I'm forgiven for that kneejerk reaction.

We wanted strikers for cover and for Cole to play with. Signing great strikers in January is next to impossible and if you succeed you have more than likely been paying through the nose. We get 2, or even 3 strikers of some quality in (read my doubts about Mido here) out of whom at least one have the potential to be a first team regular. Still the moaners go on about Benni getting too long a contract!
True, we would have been better of if we could have signed a competent right back but this is happy days as far as I am concerned and signals the beginning of the end of our times in the deepest part of the mire.

If we can just get these footballers to perform as a team…


appyhammer said...

positive vibes joppe...yeah im with you on this one..no one going out and three strikers coming in!!..never been known..im pinching myself..zola deserves this as far as im concerned..we should be up and running now..

TBI said...

Amazing. We have gone from lack of strikers to too many LOL!

Joe said...

Too many is better than not enough and with the amount of injuries we get I can see us needing everyone. Mind you six is pushing it.