Three points vs. Hull

It was a crucial win vs. Hull on Saturday. Three points in the bag and on the course for 39 according to the prediction. All of a sudden lots of web sites has picked up on the fact that it´ll be home form that saves us this season. If we´re to be saved that is.

It was a fantastic team performance. Addmittedly vs. a struggling team but it was a long time ago since I watched us play in such a controlled way. We were really on top of this game from the start to the finish.

A great weekend for West Ham but a really bad one personally. A broken arm makes it a lot harder to write.´Maybe it´s for the better for you readers? This way I´m not writing to long and boring... :-)

(Game: Prediction, Outcome, +/- from the game, +/- overall)

Aston Villa - WHU: 0p, 1p, 1p, 1p
Portsmouth - WHU: 3p, 1p, -2p, -1p
WHU - Blackburn: 3p, 1p, -2p, -3p
Total January: 6p, 3p, -3p, -3p

Burnley - WHU: 3p, 0p, -3p, -6p
WHU - Birmingham: 1p, 3p, 2p, -4p
WHU - Hull: 3p, 3p, 0p, -4p
Manchester United - WHU: 0p
Total February: 7p

WHU - Bolton: 1p
Chelsea - WHU: 0p
Arsenal - WHU: 0p
WHU - Wolverhampton: 3p
WHU - Stoke: 3p
Total March: 7p

Everton - WHU: 0p
WHU - Sunderland: 1p
Liverpool - WHU: 0p
WHU - Wigan: 3p
Total April: 4p

Fulham - WHU: 1p
WHU - Manchester City: 0p
Total May: 1p

(Prediction, +/- according to prediction, pointing towards x amount of points)

Total 2009: 18p
Total 2010: 25p, -4p, 21p
Total 09/10: 43p, -4p, 39p


Joppe - said...

Broken arm! Ouch!!
Another one for Physioroom!

TBI said...

Like I said. 41pts....

Dicks said...

I hope you´re right about that. Out of curiousity, in what games will we take those points?

Anonymous said...

you cock-ney sparras will swap places with us next year cos your shite now and always.Come on the toon