Midon't like it at all!

Beggars can’t be choosers but there are certainly players that we are better off without even if they don’t represent an economic gamble.
If we are to forge a team together, which I see as the most important factor for avoiding the drop, filling the team with players past their best ”desperate to show their worth” is hardly the way.
To have Midoid players, regardless of wage demands, running around frustrated for a chance, is not the kind of thing that usually is good for a team.
What Mido has shown, beyond reasonable doubt, is that even though he has been handed several chances he has not been able to show his worth at the highest level for a long time.

If we are to recruit a player, not automatically being one for the starting XI, make sure he is capable of handling that situation. What we can't affort is a Zola having to spend his energy on solving ego-related squad-problems.

OK Prince H, I couldnt wait with my comment on the Mido rumour :)

But I do like the fact that McCarthy is finally officially ours


Anonymous said...

I don't think its such a bad thing he provides cover and does deep down under the fat rolls has some ability, and if zolas magic dosen't work? £1,000 a week we could terminate his contract for less than we pay Dyer a month?

Anonymous said...

The rumor is he wil only 1000 a week for rest of season as he is desperate to prove people wrong and says he does not need the money?

If true it may be worth having him available in the squad. If thats not the case i had better not see him in a west ham shirt unless he is next to me in the stands!

Rooster said...

I agree, Good Post Bruv.

Prince H said...

I think Zola can handle him. And if not; just ship him away. Wanting so much to play may be a hint that he really will behave and also fight!
But: I am not so sure that we need more attackers now, I mean Franco is back next week and Nouble can be used form the bench as well.... If Cole, McCarthy and Ilan is there I see little use of Mido. If he had been the world beater that would have been different.

Anonymous said...

For £1000 a week I dont think you can go wrong. Look at the other time wasteres we have had, Jimenz, Franco both on far more than that.
Just seen Fulham have got shorey on loan until end of season. Surely he would have done a job for us?

Anonymous said...

Explain to me why Franco is a waste of space? You must not see many games mate.

Anonymous said...

He simply is not good enough! Has no pace to last a full game. Doesnt have enough physical presence and just simply doesnt score enough. Fair enough he has had to play a lot up front on his own but he simply is not the player he was. If we had to have him on his own up front until the end of the season then we would be saying goodbye to the prem!

Prince H said...

Now confirmed by the player. Please to look at it in a positive way.. at least until you hear anything otherwise in the West ham camp.

Joppe - said...

Now that he seem to be ours, of course I hope for the best.
Without any irony i can truly say that I did hope for Tristan and DiMichele to be good for us. However, I was less than impressed when the signings were proclaimed - two different things.

I have never been one to hope for anyone to make a fool of themselves while wearing our colours.
Unfortunately some of them do anyway.