Davids! Buy Zola a pint!

Do I sense a slight distance between our manager and the new owners?

G&S were quick to give our manager support following the initial rumours that they were bringing Hughes in. They were also making it very clear that they were to give Zola funds to strengthen his squad. But after that it has been fairly quiet and I for one have been waiting for Zola's comment on the takeover.
Today we can read the Club-adapted version of his thoughts on this. "
It’s positive for the Club as we will have the stability we have been talking about for such a long time. I take it as a positive thing for everybody. We will see what happens but it’s looking good”
Picture yourself at a wedding when the father of the bride talks about his new son in law in those kind of words - I take it as a positive thing for everybody. We will see what happens but it's looking good...
Hardly a total vote of confidence, but in Zola's case also hardly surprising.

Zola used to emphasize, right from the first day he was with us, the partnership he, Nani and Duckers had struck. Countless of times he stressed that stuff were decided in unity, even though their cooperation seem to have haltered a bit lately. Duckers was the man that brought Zola here and sold the idea of the "Football Project" to him to begin with, so it's no big wonder that he is slightly reserved when the guys who have/will sack his working partner comes in.

Another sentence from the interview with Zola on the OS reads
"The Club are looking for some reinforcement but we didn't speak about a
budget. They are trying to strengthen the team and that is enough for me"
The club... They are... It's pretty obvious that Zola is not, or at least doesn't feel, as involved as he used to. He used to say "We are looking..."

As I said this is probably no biggie, I just couldn't help myself as it was so obvious. I do hope however, that they keep Zola involved enough so he feel a part of it, keep his enthusiasm (as I'm sure it's a huge part of his leadership) and so he won't se the newcomers as forced upon him.

Hey Davids, take him out for a pint! Let's see some "male bonding" here ;-)


Prince H said...

I read the same between the lines as you.
And was even more disappointed as it looks clear that Zola do not decide whom to buy or not right now. I mean even if Dux and Nani was there, Zola made the final decisions. It would be hard to see the Davids taking that role now.

Anonymous said...

Sullys a yid and he's been sent by totts to bring us down.:-(

Anonymous said...

i sense a bit of worry here..i hope that there can be a meeting of ideas for the future..the biggest silence is about nani..i think he might be the first casualty..lets hope if he does go then zola doesn't get the hump and jump off ship..i agree joppe..get the beers in ..quick