Good Luca with that!

Agents words aren't to be trusted. The problem is that the (good-) news-hungry West Ham fan swallows every bait that is thrown in his direction. I usually consider myself too good for that, but when Toni's (we're not on first name basis yet) agent Jose Alberti says "I think it will happen" I have a hard time to stay silent.

There are so many cons in this story that it's hard to fit a list into the space of a blog entry so I'll focus on the pros.
The only one I can think of is that Toni does want to play (for us/Zola), and may be willing to take a substantial pay cut for an opportunity to play at the highest level and impress Lippi.
If you visit lucatoni.com you can convince yourself that the national team, and success there, is his number one priority. In an ideal Toni-world the big clubs would stand in line to tempt him with juicy contract proposals and guarantees that he would get lots of time on the pitch. But since that is not an option, he probably prefers to go to a mid table club with as little potential surprises (that concerns him as a player) as possible, compared to waiting for a chance at the Airbag Arena in Munich. The Zola/Nani connection, people that he go back a long way with, may be what reassures him.
There have been some worries on forums that to have a player with that kind of connections with the managing staff may be problematic... let's cross that when we get there!

The most obvious stumbling block is that Bayern Munich most likely wants to get payed to let a player go that has 2 years to go on his contract, and we just don't have any money...
Can Dux find a solution?


Prince H said...

In my dreams. But I can't see that Bayern will let Toni go. Nope!
If any of those superstars will join Eidur is more likely.
But I wouldn't mind if you proved me wrong this time!

Allan said...

Great player in every way BUT he's past his best & getting a bit slow now.

So would he cut the mustard in the premier league ?

Fingers crossed!

Joppe - said...

Yes I agree, it brings back scary memories from the Past Their Best Ham days with 'arry at the helm.
This goes for both of them (Toni/Eidur). Having watched the Napoli game today certainly emphasizes the lack of a striker that goes for the jugular, not just pass the ball to the next.