Fight hooliganism!

As I was unable to see this classic meeting ending up in this "classic" hooliganism I 'm sorry... I can't give you any report today and no marks either due to work... (Joppe, please feel free! I'll be back on Staruday). I'm tired of all these fighters being connected to our beloved club and this game ended (or begun) in a manner I feared already when I saw that we were drawn against them. Now the club have to start all over with these frustrated lunatics again. Most of them were probably not even born at the time of the old fights. Shame on them.
Happy win though and a great confidence builder for Hines and Stanislas.

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Joppe - said...

Sorry Prince H, couldn't find a stream or anything. Listened to the BBC radio broadcast, however, and haven't quite recovered yet!

Stanislas must have grown an inch from this game. The way he smashes the ball right down the middle when he taking the penalty tells you something.

The fighting and the media fascination of it sucks!
It's impossible to find any footage of football from this game, but there is Sky footage of the raiding of the pitch and the fighting in the stands...