Silence is golden

"Silence is golden" was a number one hit in the 60's for the band The Tremeloes. I hope it can be for West ham as well. The clock is ticking and we still have no new names in our squad (besides Jimenez). I'm not worring foremost for our lack of a decent RB as I think Zola will find a way to fill the gap after Neill (I hope he stays away now, after trying to persuade every team to get him, I can't see him being welcome here anymore.) 
No, of course what we need is some gifted and mature striker (or 2) to help Cole in the attack. Jimenez and Dyer can be there, but not as a permanent solution. Hines can be a man for some games, he seems to be a talented goalscorer, but will be uneven in his play and will hardly rock a defense like Liverpool's... yet. So we do really need someone NOW! The names mentioned like Luka Toni or Balotelli are out of our reach. The last big gun mentioned, Gudjohnsen is not. And as we haven't heard a whisper with his name mentioned in 4-5 days now... I hope - like the old hit that - "Silence is golden". 
If not, we'll have a long season to go....


Allan said...

At the moment the old song 'Where have all the stikers gone' comes to mind!

Its looking grim now as all the rumored signings 'fade away just like my dreams'!!

It will take something special to cheer me up like Ashton declared fit or a real replacement signed up; COYZ (Come on you Zola)

Allan said...

I see Toni may come - I've seen him play in Italy - so fine by me!