Another deal to fall through?

According to THIS article in the french mag L’Equipe this morning Bordeaux wants eight million euros for Chamakh or he will stay at the French Club.
Chamakh himself is stated saying he wants to anounce this on Monday.

Strange this... it may as well be another try to up the price but as the player will leave on a free transfer in a year they seem to have a lot to lose if they push this too far.
The involvement of Chamakh in the rumour, however, seems to indicate that he'd rather see a move to another club - otherwise why would he want to do a public statement before transfer deadline? On the other hand, if he was certain a move to West Ham was not going to happen why wait until Monday?

Or are l'equipe hiring journos from the Mirror now?

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Farbror the Guru said...

There has been quite a few comments on "Chamakh to Arsenal" at some Arse blogs.