Bordeaux, and another claret for Collins?

Villa in for Collins?

That sounds like good news if I thought I could trust it.
I’m sure that Collins would much prefer to play in Birmingham to Stoke, making him more inclined to go and, as I said in a previous post, this may be the deal that makes it all fall into place.
It could enable us to make the bid for Chamakh more palatable to Bordeaux by offering more money “in cash” but without increasing the total.

To me it also sounds as we will have another club within our reach this season (if we do get that decent striker). To face Collins in the center of defence at Villa Park does not feel that daunting. Also, even if I know it won’t happen, it would be OK for me if Villa and Stoke were overbidding each other for his signature.

But this also makes me feel a bit like a backstabber. Hoping to see the back (!) of a good player that wants to play for us as much as anybody (with the possible exception of some academy players) is an uncomfortable feeling. It actually serves as a good example for a discussion on loyalty and club-feeling.
Please Ginge, no hard feelings?

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