Defoe is back

So after Defoe have scored five goals in one and a half game you must say: I'm impressed. I could have coped with him still here. No doubt about it. At one time he seemed to come back, but few of the fans had forgiven his young foolish inquiry of a transfer from the Academy the day after we went down in 03/04. (Even if later apologized and blamed his agent.) So I guess he did not dare. So sometimes we fans are counterproductive and show stupid hatred. I think. 

Anyhow, we'll see him at Boleyn ground this Sunday. So how to stop him and the ever-complaining Keane? Well, we got to stop them earlier, we got to stop Palacios and Modric to play those dangerous balls and stop Tottenham to have that fluent play they have shown during the first games of the season. So it's up to the whole team. but maybe more than others Noble and Parker. I surely miss our long-term-victims Behrami and LBM, those two players had been good in a game like this. 
Once more I doubt that Collison is a good answer to my prayers... to stop their midfield to create, and still be fast enough to create counterattacks (which I presume we'll have to do with even if at home). Dyer and Stanislas should play at the flanks. Kovac, if match-fit should help the middle of the park and Jimenez start on the bench (but be ready!)
One of our box-men will certainly be Upson. But Collins? Don't you misunderstand me, in many games I think Collins have been our best player. (In others not). But with the transfer in his mind I doubt he can do himself justice. So as I don't know if Tomkins still have a knock or not, from my point of view (and what do I know?) this will be the time for Gabbs to prove himself not only fit but also good enough to cope with their fast men. Gabbs is faster than Collins, no doubt. And if in form will be able to do well even against their top men (and Pavlyuchenko if playin)
I hope and pray that Ilunga is ready to play again. Cause I do not want to see Spector against Lennon. And to let ur new young boy Duprela start this game... that could ruin his career. 
So please Ilunga: Be fit!
Which is a prayer Carlton Cole as well, I do still not understand why he wasn't substituted earlier against Wolves. But I understand that he will be able to win battles even against their har men at the back.
The last time WH and T met at Upton park we lost and had a dreadful game, maybe because I was sitting in Dr Martens upper?
This time I have less hope, but still think we can snatch a point. After all, Liverpool played dreadful and was unlucky to have a blind referee on the field and Hull? They continue where they ended last season, but this time will go down.....


Wes said...

I think speed will be paramount. Like you, I have nothing against Collins and think he is great in the air, but he is not exactly swift of foot. Ilunga is vital as is anybody else who can pick up the pace.

Joppe - said...

If I know Zola right he will deviate from the last side as little as possible.
One of my objections to his coaching last season was that he seemed to field what he considered his most reliable squad and that he didn't consider the opposition much when chosing the starters.

I certainly hope Collins won't be playing. However, I don't see Gabbs as the answer to many defensive prayers at the moment. He may have played the odd game now and was much better than I expected against the Chinese side but I have a hard time believing he is fit enough for a T-ham game. If Tomkins is OK he should play even if he showed his age in the last England U21 game and was caught out of position a few times.
I fully agree with you that LBM and Behrami are greatly missed. It's hard to pick the midfield though. Kovac got increadibly high "ratings" by the OS following the behind closed doors game against Watford. If it was just to boost his morale or if he was geared up for the T-ham game, or if he just in fact had a great game I'm not sure, but it could indicate that we may see him on the pitch on Sunday. However, I'd rather see a creative than a defensive midfield so I hope Kovac is rested and Jimenez is picked. The Collison/Stanislas question is an interesting one. I agree Stanislas has looked good and Collison has not impressed as much in the games I've seen this far. Collison did however managed to combine good defensive work with some good attacking play last season so I'll leave it to Zola to choose. ;)

Hakan said...

Defoe looked very sharp for England against Holland, and on paper Spurs have a very impressive line-up. Modric, in particular, is a favourite of mine. It was a long time, though, since Spurs performed as well on the field as on paper. The early signs are that this might be about to change and this Sunday is probably not an ideal time to face Spurs even if I'm not convinced about their consistency.

Joppe - said...

I agree with you on Modric and to shut him down is vital. A defensive lineup will hardly do that though, we need to put pressure on him right away if it is to be successful.

Prince H said...

Well, last time we tried to play ball, against T, it did not work. I think it is really vital to put pressure on Modric and Palacios (probably Harry the salemans best buy) and therfore we need to be strong defensively, but not to meet them to deep. If we have fast and offensive wingers that would be my weapon. Byt he way I'm more than worried now when read than Ilunga will miss the game. Spector is not an answer as said earlier and either Collison and Stnislas is bad defensively but will any of thenm be enough to help our American out?
I've also read that Ledley King will play.... I guess there will be hard to get any points this weekend. Hopefully - as many times - I'm wrong.

Allan said...

'West Ham striker Dean Ashton is to announce his retirement after being told he could end up in a wheechair, according to the Sunday Mirror.

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..The 26-year-old has been battling recurrent problems since breaking his ankle in an England practice session three years ago.

And now the newspaper reports that top Dutch surgeon Niek van Dijk has told Ashton that he faces a stark choice: giving up football or facing the possibility that he will never walk again.

The former Norwich player - who has one England cap - had feared that his career might be over after taking 11 months to recover from the initial fracture, but eventually returned to action and has scored 15 goals in his 46 appearances for the Hammers.

Yet the further injury trouble last September ruled him out again, and despite surgery in February this year he has still not been able to train without excruciating pain.

Eurosport '

Looks like the end of the road is in sight for Ashton.