Collins out increses the squad strenght!

According to BBC Collins to Stoke is a done deal.

Sounds good to me. Don't you get me wrong, I think Collins has been great for us and certainly always has done his best, but if this is true it does indicate that one of my major fears - cashing in on Upson - is not going to happen. We can do without one experienced full back, but not two, and the Club know it.

One could also hope that this indicates that a move for a striker is going to happen during this transfer window. But don't you take that for granted. Last window we sold Bellamy for a lot of money and did not reinvest much of it. It could be, even though I doubt it, that this money is needed to keep the banks off our backs.

Hopefully the holes in our economy is smaller now and it is possible for Zola to use the Collins-money.

It now seems as the deal fell through, maybe because of Ginge's personal terms.
Can't blame him if he turned down a deal he wasn't happy with, and he is certainly good enough for our squad. This was alwys a lesser of two evils choice but now I'm back feeling as uneasy as I did before.


Hakan said...

I agree with your analysis that if Collins was sold it would be a strong indication that Upson is staying. But I would still be sad to see Collins go. It's important that the squad has three quality central defenders; Upson, Collins and Tomkins.

Joppe - said...

Sad for sure, but we cannot afford surplus in some positions with starters lacking in others. If we are hoping for something more than nil-nil draws this season a "ready and able" striker is needed!