Chamakh could be a nice smack

I'm not fond of all the speculation - about which player to play where - goin' 'roud the media world these days. And not fond to write it here and repeat it one more time. But I raised my eyebrows when I saw L'Equipe this morning (thanks to Indiehammer). According to the French paper Chamakh can be in East London this Monday. If frenchspeking, read HERE.

It would be a really good reinforcement and I think a good complement to Carlton Cole. Chamakh - born in France, but playin for Morocco - is maybe not the golden goalscorer every fan is looking for (13 goals last season, pretty OK), but he is fast, he is smart, is an excellent friend with the ball and an air ability like Michael Jordan. So to see him together with Cole (and Dyer, Stanislas and Jimenez) would be something. And he is sooo much younger (25) than the other guy's the media world is trying to plant at the Boleyn ground these days. Not that I would mind them either, but this would be a better move. I think. Let's see if the speculation continue or if the guy actually will show up at London airport next week....


Joppe - said...

Much more in line with how I think Zola wants to do things.
We do need some experience in the team with all youngsters coming through but I'd rather not have a player that may have a problem with motivation.
A dedicated and fired up Gudjohnsen could have been increadibly good for the young ones, but as I doubt that he would be, I'd rather see a slightly less talented, but dedicated player in the team.

Allan said...

Yes could be useful.

Anyone know whats happened(ing) to Ashton?

Zola says 'Dean Ashton is still waiting. I'll be very excited to have him training with me but, unfortunately, it hasn't happened for the moment. As far as I know, he is still working on his fitness and hopefully he will be OK soon'.

So Zola is in the dark?! Why ?! I thought he was the Manager!!!

Joppe - said...

Nicely spotted Allan. It does sound very strange!

Prince H said...

I do agree as well, Allan.