Nah, Napoli

As I was unable to see the game against Napoli today (my son Aron's 9th birthday! - a true Hammer) I hope someone else on here will tell me how the game was, and which players you were impressed by.
Just a week to go now....


Allan said...

I watched on WHTV.

Very disapointing, Napoli all over us in the first 10 mins, Tompkins very slow and was caught out far to often, We could have easly had 2 or more goals against us. if we play like this then Wolves will get us let a alone a 'top' club!

We played better in the 2nd half but little sign of getting a goal. Noble seemed to be the only one capable of scoring. Jimmey looked weak in the tackle but did give some smart passes - will he be quick enough to make it in the Premier?

Their goal was a a fluke or a wonder goal take your pick.

Only in the last minutes, whenm they were down to 10 men, did we seem to put in the effort to get a result.

Prince H said...

Thanks. Reading other reports it seems that Cole (except finding those goalchances) Noble, Ilunga and more of a surprise, Faubert were solid. Do you agree?

I'd prefer Stanislas in Collisons place, the latter seems a bit slow at the moment, the former brims of confidence.... What do you say?

Allan said...

Yes I agree with a above - Faubert was fine as he had a lot to contend with and coped well - much better than our ex captain would have managed!

You can sense that the players know that we lack fire power up front so getting cover there is vital to the season ahead, if not we're in for the old dog fight.

Any news on new owner(s) ? We seem to lack money for players and only go for loans or very young unproven players which is a worry.