A happy start!

To meet a team just promoted to PL at their home turf in their premier is not easy. And this was not an easy win either. But I was impressed by the way we handled the pressure and took control of the game. West Ham started this season with a win and a good game. 2-0 at Molineux is not bad at all. Alright, Wolves missed their new recruitment and finisher Doyle (from Reading) but it's hard to see anyone to score today against MOTM Robert Green. Still, our goalkeeper was not the only one who impressed me today. Still, it will be so much tougher from now on.... the pressure on the midfield will increase a lot when we meet better teams and I could also see some small crack's to repair before we continue our journey this season.
After the game we could read that young Spence will go out on loan to Scunthorpe. Even if just for a month, I guess it will mean that Faubert stays put. And why not? He was certainly one of our better players today.

Green 8 - MOTM. The three saves he did in the beginning of the second half was crucial for our victory. Plays with big confidence and if he continues like this noone will be able to snap his ticket to South Africa. 
Faubert 7 - Even if Matt Jarvis found some space behind the Frenchman at some moment I was never really worried as he had a good game defensively. But let's talk about his offensive play, running down the flank and putting in dangerous cross after cross. Most of them top quality. If he continues like this he must be voted "most improved player of the season". Or is this the same player?? Please, do not have Neill back....
Collins 6 - If his distribution was really poor throughout the whole game he was (with one exception) solid at the back. Noone sacrifices himself like Collins do.
Matthew Upson 7 - Did what he had to do and did it really well. Even scored an "easy" one and he was as happy as a child. Zola says Upson will stay so I guess he will.... If Collins will as well, what does that mean to Tomkins and Gabbs? Well, that's not a question for tonight.
Herita Ilunga 7 - Very compostured, well he always is but defenisvely he was really top notch. Had to leave the field after an hour and a head collision. Zola indicates that he will be back soon. It better be already next game, cause we'll need him against Lennon.
Luis Jimenez 6 - Probably his best game for us so far. He'll do better still, but moved well and found his teammates today. Played a part in Noble's goal.
Scott Parker 6 - Grew during the game but I expect him to be the guy who can loose the pressure when (a team like) wolves put all their horses gainst us. Didn't affect the game as he can.
Mark Noble 7,5 - Told us this week that he wants to score more goals. And this was certainly a good start. A beautiful and clever shot past Hennessey. More involved in the attacks this game, and less in the defense, it may a tactical move by Zola. 
Kieron Dyer 6,5 - Oh, he looks better and better running on that pitch, sometimes looking like a dear (o dear).
Jack Collison 5 - It may be someone in the team who runs around and looks like a hen, but instead covers the grass someone has to cover. It may have been Collison. But I doubt it. Even if I really like to see him mot of the times, I have not been impressed in the pre-season games, and was not today either.
Carlton Cole 6 - Strange game. His first 30 was easy read by the Wolves defence who won every duell (they may have the las international on dvd). But after a knock he started to limp... and at the same time play extraordinary well. I shouted in front of the telly: "Zola whu don't you make a substitution. Take Cole off the field". But he did not and Cole begun to win everything, and show what he can do (well, I did not say he scored did I?).

Spector 4,5 - No, o no.... Had a shocking start when he came on, Happy they did not score when he lost the ball.... the first time (three out of three).
Stanislas 6 - Had a few minutes and showed exactly why he should start.
Nouble (-) - 45 sec on the pitch. Well. it's a debut after all!

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