Can we actually afford a Ferrari?

If you read his articles, Joppe on this site seems to be fond of different cars and uses them happily for different metaphors. But now he can use a Ferrari in real life!!!

At least if he'll become the manager of West Ham. 
According to the official site whufc, West Ham have signed Davide Ferrari from Brescia. He is 17 yrs old and an "attacking full-back" and was according to the same source, signed before the transfer window. So who's next? Nah, kidding. Very welcome Mr Ferrari. 
Hope we will be able to buy all those players, or most of them, we now have on loan deals...


Joppe - said...

More into motorcycles I was hoping for a Ducati 1098...
I certainly agree with your last sentence. To have a 17 year old on loan is somewhat puzzling.

We do need fullbacks but I’d rather have someone we can use this season. Ferrari played 77 min for the reserves in the 6-0 (!) game against Birmingham yesterday even though he was not mentioned in the match report, he must be in the managers mind for the full squad. But then Quashie was also played…

On the other hand the news from the youngsters and reserves always tells us of the bright future of the central defenders (Spence, N’Gala), but I cannot remember much hype about any of the fullbacks.
So maybe the “project” has identified a position where there is no one in the “pipeline”. We seem to be planning for a brighter future, and I can only hope it comes true.

Prince H said...

I thought young Joe Widdowson looked very promising when he played in the US. But all of a sudden he was sold to Grimsby.
It may be that these young guys must show the right attitude if they want to have a contract. I do notknow anything about Widdowson, but I guess there are more than just how good you are on the field when it comes to the question of giving a very young player a contract. Still, they are young and more easy to affect.. We seem to have ten times more good CB's than FB's in the pipeline. Can't say why (well tradition: Moore, Ferdinand....)

Joppe - said...

Agreed on the attitude part.
Then maybe, in contries that puts some emphasis on the defense also at youth level, it makes a lot of sense to play the best defenders in the centre and thus "breeding" such players.
It may be an observation that very few fullbacks of high quality in the PL are English-bred.

Allan said...

I hope Glen does not let us down tonight!!

Even as a very young player for WH he was great going forward but was lacking in defense.

I'm feeling a little more confident about WH having seen the highlights of yesterdays reserve game.

Fingers crossed.