A loss with much pride

I feel for the team today. So close and so far away. Two goals against Liverpool at home should mean at least one point. But no... when we had to make two early changes; Upson hurt (when Torres scored his first) and Behrami felt his old injury just after 30 minutes I wondered what was happening. This is West ham! Our no lucky day again. And so we lost 2-3. Liverpool made three goals in the end and maybe if our defence had been intact and more well together we should have taken at least one point.
Still I think this was our best game so far this season. The players showed a big heart - and so did our fans - and Hines was really terrific!

Green 6 - I do not know why he was down on his knees on the first, but things was going very, very fast with a collison just in front of him. Otherwise a good game.
Faubert 6 - I am not sure why he had to be behind Tomkins, but still higher up than him when Torres went through and scored. Has Clarke told him not to help Tomkins closer? I doubt it. When Torres scored his second and Liverpool's winner he was closest to the Spaniard, but maybe Tomkins could have been there as well. Torres is really good with his head though so if you're not there a second before the ball arrives it means trouble. So, I do not know if I should blame him or not for that one. You can call that decisive moments. Still: Otherwise a terrific game.
Tomkins 5 - Fought hard but seemed the whole game to be affected by loosing Torres at the first. Or maybe at losing Upson? Looked fatigue.
Upson - Early injury. No marks.
Ilunga 5 - Really rusty and gave the ball away far to easy the first 30 minutes. Looked nervous. But after that he was his usual self. Nice dribble in their box late on.
Behrami 5 - Off early, hopefully not to leave the team injured for another 6 months... We need you.
Noble 5 - Pretty good defensivly, totally off when it came to creativity. Fought hard but still slow.
Parker 7 - Much better today. Our man of steel.
Diamanti 5 - Nice to see him, but it was also easy to see that he has a lot to learn in the British game. Did not succed with to much beside the penalty (which maybe should not have counted). I hope he is a fast learner. And I like his hair!
Cole 7 - Good game, fought, fought and fought. But as many times before: too alone at the top. Nice little header to 2-2.
Hines 8 - Wow! So fast so smart so nice work. Kept the Liverpool defense on their toes but still managed most of the things he did. Sorry not to score when he hit the post in the 2d minute after he robbed Carragher so easy. That could have been another game. Was brought down so we had the penalty. And was brought down over and over again. Lucky he survived. Still: Great play! Can he continue to play like this he will this year's young player no doubt.

Gabbidon 6,5 - On early: Calm. Good blocks. Until next game he have to learn to "push" Tomkins though, and be the leader at the back four. His first home game in two years and it was not bad at all.
Kovac 5 - On early: Decent defensive play, awful going forward, but as he mainly played to stop Liverpool in the middle I would say he did OK.
Dyer 5 - Despite a nice rush he was never able to affect the game.

I feel for Zola/Clarke. They dared! Theyplayed Hines AND Diamanti. Nice try, but the injuries may have stopped our brave game. All honour to them! The referee was crap though...


Joppe - said...

I agree with most of your ratings, but I feel Diamanti showed more promise than you give him credit for. Some really creative passes and great work ethic.
I think you're right about Tomkins. He will look good with the right "on the field guidance" so his ratings will mirror the success of the other center half.
I am also impressed by Faubert.
Hard to see that it's the same player as the last year at this time.

Hakan said...

I share Joppe's impression of Diamanti. I thought he looked hugely promising when he moved inside behind Cole. Could be just the player yuo've been looking for if given a bit of freedom in a 4-4-1-1 system. Was played out of position at right midfield for most of the game. Big question mark for his stamina, though.
On the whole a promising performance from the team. My main concern is that Liverpool could often attack quite easily down the middle even though you packed the central midfield with Noble, Parker and Behrami/Kovacs.
Finally: Please remember that WH lost this game because they faced the best striker in the world; Fernando Torres.

Joppe - said...

A 35/65 possession hints there were maybe other reason for the loss as well.

Prince H said...

I think we gave away possession with purpose, I think that's a new Clarke attitude but still we created as many chances as they did. And nearly as many shots.

Yes, I may have been a little bit harsh on Diamanti. It was his first start and against a team like Liverpool. I apologize, you may be the Diamanti we've been waiting for afer all. But we could all see his "italian" game meet the British game when he lost possession or ost the ball in positions where it can be very dangerous to loose it. Still, we also saw that he has a lot to gice the team in the future. It will be nice to see his skills against lesser teams.