When did we sport a pink kit?

The history of our Club has interested me about as much as it has interested the average fan I guess. I knew of the Ironworks and the origin of the hammers in our crest and once I e-mailed the oracle referred to by the OS (jnorth1@supanet.com) to ask about the origin of the claret and blue shirts. The question was about claret and blue shirts in general and ours in particular. The answer was quite disappointing, so much in fact that I can’t remember it.

But now we don’t have to dwell on these things any more, even without the books on our history!
There is a brilliant site on the internet with more information than the average fan will ever need called History of West Ham United .
I wish I knew what the blokes name is so I can give him the credit he deserves.
If you have any thoughts on his site or want to get in contact with him he is known as John Simkin on KUMB.
I link to his site on the “Sites of Interest” as I’ll most likely will visit it again and again.


Hakan said...

What an absolute gold mine! Great to have some extensive and easily accessible information about Syd Puddefoot and others.

Joppe - said...

Can I sense a whiff of irony?

Hakan said...

I admit that my interest in West Ham players pre-WW1 is very limited. Even so I read a bit about Puddefoot's career and found it quite interesting. Honest.