A couple of days Eduardo said "I'm no cheater".

Today Lucas Neill announced:

"The moment I ran out of contract I wanted to get back into it but it was about having the right feeling.

"I was prepared to wait as long as it took to get that feeling."

I guess Footballers are no more liars than people are in general.

But it seems that they think people are far more easy to cheat than they are. Or maybe as stupid as they (som'of'em footballers) themselves are. Well, Eduardo was actually trusted by FA (how stupid!) in the end.

Will the West Ham fans trust Neill? Nope. You may have been our Captain, but you were no hero of mine. And - even far away from hated - will not be in the stands next time you visit.

But please, tell us what that "feeling" was then...


Wes said...

I imagine it was the feeling that this was the best it was going to get coupled with the sinking feeling that he probably should have taken one of those prior offers (if there were any).

Allan said...

I thought he only played well when his contract was up for review, otherwise he was too slow on the turn and was often giving away fouls by pulling shirts and pushing - most refs wised up to him.

To my surprise Frenchie has been much better in every way!

So we've not missing you Captain!

PL said...

I thought he was great, and one of the big reasons we stayed up, during the Greatest escape.