Ability and Attitude

I saw Zavon Hines for the first time today and he totally blew me away!
Ability and attitude in a way that I cant remember seeing since...

...Junior Stanislas!
Man, do we have a bright future in these two!


Prince H said...

Not only do they perform with that attitude and strength – like they never have done anything else but tease the best defenders in the game - they have so cool names as well!

Talking Hammers said...

Couldn't agree more mate. We are witnessing the next group of graduates from the Acadamy of Football. I just hope we are in a posistion to keep them when the offers come, because they will. I first saw Junior Stanislas playing for the reserves against Charlton a few years back and I was shocked. He scored that night after making many blistering runs into the box. Teddy Sheringham was also playing that night and he held Junior in the air after his goal - mouthing to the crowd "watch this one, watch him". Good blog mate- if you get a chance check out mine http://talkinghammers.wordpress.com/