A Villarreal fans view on Guille!

After seeing stats and little pieces of info on Guille Franco being used to prove that he is either crap or great I was longing for the Villarreal fans overall view on Guille and his game.

I think I found the perfect one in Kalle! Let’s hear what he has to say:

Since West Ham is my favourite team in England, I consider this a really cool transfer for me personally, since i've had the great pleasure of following Guillermo Franco during the last three seasons.

To be totally honest, he wasn't that great in Villarreal. He started really well, but got worse for every season. The biggest problem was that he didn't score that many goals. Last season he scored only two goals in Copa del Rey, none in the league or the Champions League. But he didn't get too many oppurtunities to play either.
Even though Guille Franco wasn't a success in Villarreal, I still like him very much as a football player. And why is that? Well, a more loyal player is really hard to find. He always gives 100 % and never complains. Just the kind of player that West Ham needs.

I think that Guille Franco fits very well for the Premiership. He's extremely strong and good on his head. Actually, I think that english football fits Franco better than the spanish one. It's also his biggest dream to get the chance to play there, so i'm reappy happy for him.
I'm convinded that Franco is going to do well in West Ham. This guy has played in the Champions League and the World Cup. He's really experienced.

To be honest, I haven't seen much of West Ham this season, but I believe he's going to adept really fast. Sure, there is a pretty similar player in Carlton Cole, but I'd love the idea of seeing them play together. Pure power!

My favourite memory of Franco will always be the game against Barcelona on Nou Camp in the spring of 2008. Guillermo started alone on top, and I tell you, the man never stopped running during the hour he played. I haven't seen the Barcelona defenders sweating like that for ages. Villarreal did actually win that particular game. Franco didn't score, but his performance was outstanding.

Thanks Kalle, your view is much appreciated! Please come back and comment on his performance in claret and blue!


In Zola We Trust said...

He could be a good third man? Especially if we land Toni in January... www.inzolawetrust.com

Joppe - said...

I like the fact that he seems passionate about his game. Having said that, I'd be passionate also...
We won't get Toni though...