So Franco have signed Franco at last and the Mexican will do everything for West Ham to prove his worth to be included in the WC squad for Mexico. That's really a good driving force.

And if you look at our striking department right now, September 09 - we are actually better equipped now, than during the same time last year:
Dixon will soon be match fit,
Cole will do everything to prove his worth to Capello (and Zola), and looks stronger than ever,
Zavon Hines is a great prospect (better than Sears it seems), last year he was injured,
The new golden boot-boy Diamanti will fill the void of Solano and looks to have other weapons as well (better than Di Michele, and younger) in his arsenal and
Franco moves probably much better than Tristan and have a much bigger desire.

As back-ups we have midfielders like Dyer, Jimenez and Stanislas... (Two of them "new" from last year, one much improved)
And then I do not count Nouble (let him have a year in the Reserves without to much pressure) an of course not Ashton (who was injured last year as well).

This assumption is of course just an assumption. Let's see if it's correct come April.

By the way: Moyes signed Neill at last. I do not envy him, but longing for the day we'll meet. Stanislas and Dyer will make our old Captain Greed look like a stone statue.


Joppe - said...

I agree that we are better off now.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Dixon even though I'm doubtful. It would be brilliant to see him in our colours.

The reputation of lack of consistency he got in Villarreal, as either good or useless, brings back memories from DDM's performances last year.
I'm a bit doubtful that his urge to be in the Mexican squad has grown so much the last 5 months.
What I mean is that I doubt that he has a new driving force in that that has transformed him as a footballer.
He may want to impress Zola and show that he is worthy of a place in the starting XI, and I hope that is enough to drive him. But then this has been the hope I've had for quite a few players that have come to us "Past Their Best".

I'm still hoping for the Zola factor to work wonders here.

Prince H said...

Well I agree with that I do no really know anything about Franco's eagerness. I am just thinking, and compare it with the one of Tristan. Which I saw (or saw the lack of). At least he moves better...