Guille to kill

Guillermo Franco – a naturalized Mexican but born in Argentina seem to be a likely DDM-like signing for us.
According to a site called SoloNoche he will be playing for us this season. Wiki has caught on and proclaimed the same thing.

Guillermo aka Guille has played for Villareal CF since 2006, but the club did not offer an extension this summer. His “efficacy” as a striker seem somewhat lacking of late, scoring 14 times in 81 appearances for his previous Spanish employer (but hey, they did let him play 81 times!). But he scored on average in every second of his 119 games for the Mexican side Monterey. This made him the second most prolific goal scorer of all times for the club. During his years with Monterey 2002-2005 the club finished second in Mexico’s highest division three times with Franco being their top scorer every year (as far as I understand – the Mexican league is a bit confusing and their stats as well). But at least he was the national top scorer in 2004.
Whether he can deliver in the PL is anyone’s guess, but as a backup he may do. His alternative was to play for Estudiantes so I doubt there will be any moaning if he spends most of his time on the bench.
As for now I’ll let him be a bubble and I won’t puncture it just yet.

EDIT 9/11/2009:
He is doing his medical, he is a good player," Zola told Sky Sports News.
"He is a striker, and international player and I am sure he will be a player that will give us a good contribution.
"He will start working with me next week,
"He was one of the players on our list, and in the end we finalised it."


Prince H said...

(But you'd better check up the end of the article, will you do some handicraft at home?)

Joppe - said...

Got me there!
I dream, that's all... :)

Allan said...

Injury prone, scores few goals, no body whats him, should be a good loan for us!

Zola prove me wrong please.

Joppe - said...

I've been trawling some Villareal forum and they are... how shall I put it... less than enthusiastic in almost all comments sinse 2007.

I'm with you Allan - Zola, please show me he is at least a decent backup. DDM+ should be within most recent La Liga strikers reach however.