I was about to write something about the Collins/Chamakh hassle. But then I remember that I did just that about week ago so I might as well direct you to that post. Nothing seem to have changed since.

Collins showed incredible determination and willingness to sacrifice himself in the Blackburn game. So much, in fact, that I started to doubt the truth in the rumours. When he went down after denying Samba (?) I was fearing he would be carried off and all kinds of blasphemic thoughts were going through my mind. One was that this was the end of a deal I still thought would be good for the Club.
The arrival of Da Costa also speaks in favour of Collins actually leaving now. However, Da Costa could, for all I know, have been recruited for the right back spot. I don’t know more about the bloke than what can be read on different internet sites – never saw him play as far as I know.

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