A narrow loss that shouldn't be.

Well we lost to Wigan 1-0 two years ago as well. It's not an easy away game. Still, I think we should win this game. We really should. We did not. 
I am sorry to say I was unable to see the game. So no report and no marks today. 

But is it a coincidence that the players who really thinks they can join the England squad to South Africa next year but was rejected - Parker and Noble from the squad and Cole from the first eleven - in midweek had really bad games today. And those who were really happy to get the chance - Gabbs at LB and Zavon Hines seems to have been the best?? It's a lot of psycholgy in the game today of course. 

It's less psychology in Zola's way to chose his midfield. As Collison had a knock, (like Jimenez and Dyer?) he chose to play Kovac, Parker and Noble (to the right). Three defensive players (with the exception with Stanislas on the left who had a bad game, and if I get the reports right did not try to play his ordinary challenging offensive game. Directive or just a day off?) who all are slow, slower and slowest and not so good to put pressure very high up on the field. And gives few alternatives in width. Which in the end gives Cole no or to little help. 

At least Zavon Hines seems to grow and his first start in the PL ended without a goal but with a lot of  praise. Fast, challenging and a lot of movement. So he may be what Freddy Sears now are far from the player he should be. His Crystal Palace (at loan) lost 0-4 to newboys Scunthorpe. And he was left on the bench until the 64'th minute.... Can't be happy with that. And compared to his day West Hams effort was close to decent.
Against Liverpool next week we may see Hines, Diamanti ( too late on today), Gabbs and Behrami on the field. So beware!

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