PL defines "Home Grown"

On their official web site HERE the PL presents this definition of a "Home Grown" player as

Someone who, irrespective of his nationality or age has been trained for 3 years under the age of 21 in clubs belonging to the English or Welsh proffessional system.

The difference, compared to the previous UEFA definition, is that the "growing" must have taken place before the players 21st birthday. Naturalised older players with several seasons in the PL won't do.
So the hunt is on for talented players less than 18 years old!

Now, the limit for "Non Home Grown" players is set at 17 in a squad, the total squad being limited to 25, as I wrote in the previous post.
I doubt it will be a very strong limitation to most squads as 17 should do for most clubs.
I wonder how many clubs that use more than 17 Non-Home-Grown players in the PL today?

Some clubs, as ManU and Chelsea, that have 20+ internationals in their squad will need to face some players and tell them they will not be in the mix. What will be their reaction?


Farbror the Guru said...

But what will be the im pact on the squad size? I thought the average squad size was 30ish?

The Euro Cup Adventures will be hell for smaller squads.

Will Academy players from, say, Africa be home grow enough?

Joppe - said...

I was under the impression that most squads were less than 30 but then I saw that Man U had a first team squad of 40!
I think the big Clubs may be the exceptions.
I agree that an European adventure would certainly put some serious strain on a limited squad.

See the above post, but IF players from international academies would be included, or rather not explicitly mentioned as not included, that would be a loophole certainly closed by UEFA rapidly.

Joppe - said...

Visited the Chelsea OS and they list 24 players as members of their first squad.

Joppe - said...

Where is HÃ¥kan when you need him?

Hakan said...

Manchester United have 35 players in the official first team squad. Five of those are in the squad mostly to learn and would only play in the PL or CL in an emergency, so I would say the "real" squad consists of 30 players.
I'm not too enthusiastic about any proposal limiting the number of foreginers. In general I think freedom of movement in Europe is more important than the well-being of England's national team.
If that's the direction you want to move I could see the logic behind limiting the number of "non home grown" players, but I fail to see the reason for limiting the total squad size.
I also wonder whteher the FA realises that one of the main effects of this proposal will be to feed an even more intense scramble for foreign under-18's. Will this really open up more opportunities for English youngsters?

Prince H said...

I think this looks like a really dull toll with the only real effect that the big clubs will "vacuum-clean" talent under 18 yrs of age.

Back to the drawing-board.

(well, and I do not care much about the national English team either)