0-0 against Blackburn. A sleepy wake-up-call?

Wasn't this the game that was supposed to be the "new start"?
It certainly did not look so at all and therefore I'm very disappointed. Like a wake-up-call, but contrary as we did not show up. More yawns than shots today....
So; Where was the fight and the heart? Well, we could see it in Carlton Cole's face when he came on, but that was far too late.
The first half was the most scrappy from a West Ham side since we lost to Tottenham as we played without teamspirit and team effort. The midfielders who should captain the ship couldn''t find each other and even less find our youngster Nouble, all too alone at the top.
We acted a bit cowardly at home at Upton Park. Where was the push??? And why did we lack it? The last fifteen minutes of the game was the first time we looked to score, but so did Blackburn. Even more.
Two scrappy sides but we were the scrappier. And maybe happier then, as Blackburn was better (but far from good) during the 90 minutes. At least they had a couple of good efforts from corners and free-kicks. But we did also keep the sheet cleen...

Green 6 - Did not look happy after the game although he had another Zero and a couple of good saves. I can understand him. But Blackburn were too poor for him to be able to show his best, even if the save from Olsson was great. We know, Samba was there, but Green hardly ruled his box the way we are hoping for.
Faubert 4,5 - Had hard times as RB today. Ran, but mostly of no use. Some stupid challenges gave Blackburn free kicks in dangerous positions. Took also a very stupid shot. He may be nervous to lose his place in the first team as the transfer window is open still. And after a performance like this he should do it. Hardly from any other in our team right now though...
Edit: On Sunday morning I read that Faubert came back to this game to play just hours after he went to France where his mother just passed away. I am very sorry to hear this and of course it may have affected him during the game as well. If it was an act of heroism I do not know, I think that absense in cases like this of course is forgiven. And I guess most of us feel that way. But if you want to play like Collison and now Faubert is certainly strong. Respect!
Tomkins 6 - A good game until Roberts with an easy flick showed that Tomkins still is a newcomer. One of those that has the big heart.
Upson 6,5 - Covered well. But: As a captain he needs to push the team more when he sees that nothing happens.
Spector 5,5 - Decent but thin.'
Diamanti 5 - We need his passing ability. But as long as his passes and shots from distance are not of the same quality as when the dead ball situations we can hardly use his energy. Do want much, but did not show enough today.
Behrami 6 - Well, this guy showed heart and ran like a rabbit on speed. But creativity lacks sometimes. As today.
Kovac 6 - I thought he played well today too as the ancor from midfield. Subbed.
Noble 5,5 - As good as he was against Pompey as bad he was today. No, not really, but he was disappointing with nearly all of his passes was bounded for an opponent. Lacked quality but showed heart.
Collison 5 - For long periods I forgot he was on the field. But I can understand that Zola kept him on as we have to keep somone to lead the way from midfield.
Nouble 5 - His most silent game so far, but you can not blame him as he was far too alone up there (despite good runs and growing confidence), and had no help when he took control of the ball and tried to control it like Cole. Was happy that Zola kept him on the field when he put on Carlton, as I wanted to see him together with Cole. But the partnership never showed as they played too far from each other in those 18 minutes thay had together. It will be better times for him.

Carlton Cole 7 - Got 30 minutes today and as soon as he put his shoes on the field he made difference for the team. Not as a scorer, but he lifted us and our guests backs all of a sudden looked like Mickey Mouses when he gets afraid in the cartoons.
Scott Parker 5,5 - Good to see him back but apart from a lovely run and a ball into the box, that noone picked up, he was not able to make any difference in those 20'.
Freddie Sears 5 - Nice to see him on the field too. Guess Zola want to lift him by doin so, and he actually affected the game a bit playing closer to Cole and related on speed.

So just because we have a new regime, we will not start to play world class football by automatic. After G&S took over most fans started to think that we may end up somewhere in the middle of the table. But looking at this game, we will have to fight in the bottom still. I hope the guys show up against Burnley. Cause we can play so much better. As a team!

Best player today? It's hard to pick anyone. But this morning my 9 year old son Aron did four of his teams five goals. I guess it must be him.

At least (and last) the other teams around us failed to win as well.... and our bench today looked pretty impressive, did it not, with Ilunga, Parker and Cole all to pick.


Joppe - said...

How many luke warm performances can one take without asking why?
This was an increadibly important game AT HOME, and not to give 100% in a game like this is not acceptable.

Joppe - said...

btw, my vote goes to Aron too, even though I missed his game!

Anonymous said...

You didn't actually see this game did you? Your scores for the players do not in any represent someone who did see the game you complete and utter idiot.

Prince H said...

Ano: I'd prefer if you explain your point of view on the match and the players instead of just insulting without any content. That seems a bit unmature. I guess you have a different point of view on the game today, and as we all know there are few absolute truths in these cases. It seems that most of the treads I've seen now seem to have some common thoughts. It may be interesting to hear your view instead - if you are able to express them – and what you've found.

Hakan said...

Carlton and Aron could be the perfect partnership. Sign him up!

the happy ammer said...

every one seemed a bit nervous yesterday..tomorrow should be interesting..i hope arry keeps his nose out