Can we have Joe Cole back now please?

According to some media today Joe Cole is out for more. He want's better pay from Chelski as he "only" earns a million pounds every second month. The greedy man's tiny wallet needs more!
But Abra says no! He has not proved enough out there!
Let's hope they do not find a solution, Cole gets pissed and returns to his native club with no (or low) salary demands. Big chance huh?
Or what do our future owner(s) say?


hamertime said...

Any day of the week....we can dream. I think strongly that he has set himself up for life now and can play for passion and for the sake of it. Why not come home and give us fans some much needed joy!

Joppe - said...

Watch it!
You are tempting a grump to bite :D

Anonymous said...

at some point in every day i always start daydreaming that one day little joe may well come home and forever more be a hammer thru and thru.
thus becoming a hammers legend like dicks,brooking,moore hurst and peters....joe don't miss out come home

TrevorH said...

Why do we want him back? Like many others he done little to help us avoid relegation then left for more money with Chelsea. Because of injury his form is poor and a good part of our problems have arisen from paying injury prone ootballers, past their best, salaries way beyond their current abilities.

Joppe - said...

Trevor bit in my stead...

Prince H said...

Trevor: 'Cause he is a hell of a footballer can make those passes to our forwards that noone else can and has still a good reputation here. And it would be fun to see him coached by Zola. Well, anyway I am just dreaming (Sunderland's Bruce seems to target him - where do they get all their money from?), and well, I'm not asking for Lampard jr am I?

Anonymous said...

anyone wanting him back at UP is seriously stupid. the guy sees 'home' as chelsea NOT us. he's made that clear on numerous occasions in interviews. you only have to watch him celebrating that goal at the bridge against us a few seasons back to understand his true feelings.

adam said...

Joey Cole back to Upton Park?

Love to see it... but it wont happen.

He is stil regarded a quality footballer in england and probably englands 1st choice left winger when fit. Joey Cole will end up at either manchester club or possibally abroad. Barcelona have never deleted him off their shortlist and are not affraid to accept wage demands and that may do just enough to lure him to Spain.

on our current position in the table and ownership in the balance, it will be very hard to get a player of that quality to play for us.

if he did sign he would have as much impact for us as when bowyer signed in 2003 and promises to "keep us up".

joe cole would be in the same situation when he first left.