Karren Brandy? - just a name change suggestion

I have a wonderful nine year old daghter. One of her more ambigous qualities is that she is “refreshingly direct”, so to speak, and acts long before she consideres the consequenses. This, as most parents can testify, can be a bit trying. She tried to rename her younger brother once but luckily there were a few loving people present that could help her understand the problem with that. To her defense I must add that she was seven, his sister, and never went public.

There is nothing refreshingly direct in Bradys name change blunder. It bluntly shows one of her less flattering sides. I’m sure being straightforward and good at disregarding peoples feelings has served her well in her relations with G&S and other men in this game, still I have a hard time liking it.
For a vice chairman to suggest a company-name change the first week at office is rare in any business, and there is a reason. To do that in a world so heavily based on history related emotions as a football club is either downright stupid or endlessly naive. The very reason we are fans is history, recent or ”ancient”! We don’t support the players as such, we support them only if they play for our club. The club is defined by history and if you take that away you have nothing. Change the Ground, Club name, Colours but keep the players and you will be without fans.
Wimbledon anybody?

OK, so she didn’t want to change the whole name, bless her heart, she might even have realized that the West Ham part is important to us. If Bobby Moore rose for the sole purpose to ask us to consider replacing United with Olympic I would consider it before humbly asking him to give it a rest. But this was KFB for god’s sake.

Where are the loving people that can help Karren with this?


Anonymous said...

ridiculous over reaction to some initiative which is hugely overdue

TBI said...

Initiative? Changing the clubs name?

Joppe - said...

Hi Mike!
Is a name change highly overdue? Over reaction - maybe.

Joppe - said...

Cheers TBI!

Hakan said...

What new name did she intend to give him?

Joppe - said...

Here's the boring part - I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

column inches...thats all shes after...lots and lots of column inches

Joppe - said...

Most likely

Prince H said...

I just thought it was a bit of fun.
It was hardly said it was a serious idea or a real propose. Most of us now of course that the Olympic committee do not give their name to anyone. Probably Brady as well.
Had Sullivan said anything like this noone had reacted this way. Maybe laughed a bit...
The reaction was like this - of course - because it was Brady.
And that because of two things;
We know she has said not so nice things about West Ham earlier - which make us very suspicios.
And she is a woman - which makes many male fans even more suspicios. (Sorry to say, Hammers fans are no better here than any other).
I may be wrong but reading the different sites and blogs this is totally an overraction!!!!

Joppe - said...

This is merely the warped reaction of a male dominated world on a "strong woman"?

Me and a friend started a band once and after having it for 4 or 5 years we met a guy and asked him to play with us. On the first rehearsal he told (not asked) me to do this and the drummer to do that. He might have been "right" but I think that is a bit irrelevant.
Most people know to wait with stuff like that until they've been around for a while and have gained the trust of the others.

Prince H said...

And that's the other around too.
She may be a jerk (I'm not saying that she isn't) but wait to slag her off until she has done anything more serious.
If we should trust G&S (which some of you suggest, I still do not know) it should also include Brady who has been their top-notch employee since ages and is now here to do her work. I am still convinced that this "statment" from her has been met totally different if it had come from G or S. (And it might have from the beginning - And I do still think it was a kind of joke...)