100 k a week – how daft is that?

The initial weeks of ownership are certainly as full of job as getting the Club ever was for G&S. There are several issues that must be addressed quickly.

Making sure that the players and coaches (and fans?) are happy
The primary task must be to give the present team the condition it needs to perform. Minimize the uncertainties, instill confidence and belief in the future. The new owners can do this by supporting the players and managing staff with energy, making them feel wanted, needed even (but not irreplaceable). Making them feel a part of something interesting – not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to be a part of the rise of West Ham. This makes sense for several reasons but foremost, as most industrial leaders know, if you can motivate people without doing it through the wallet the money can be used elsewhere. Don’t sign players the Manager haven’t asked for!

Make sure we have a squad that can avoid the drop
The above paragraph is totally contradictory to the “one player on 100k a week” statement. If you make a major point of bringing down the wage bill and cutting costs, and strike down at Eggy for spending £85,000 a week on a 30 year old Swede, how can one argue that giving £100 k a week to a 33 year old Dutchman on the slope is the right thing to do?

"We can carry one exceptional player, who would make a difference on that wage,
but generally we have to bring the wages down and in the summer we would hope to
sign younger players on a fraction of those wages. We have looked at a few
players in the Championship but the reality is that it is no good if they make
the grade in 12 months time, we need them to make the grade now. We have a
crisis and you have to have a different strategy to what our long-term strategy
will be." Sullivan says.

HEY, STOP IT! This is too much Eggy for me!
Nurture the team as a unit, not the cracks in the squad! There is no doubt in my mind that with a slightly deeper PL- hardened squad there will be no drop.
G&S wants to send a message rather than hire a footballer – “we are determined”! I think we will in reality see one or two fairly low profile signings that deepens the squad in vulnerable positions. McCarthy and a Young-oid defender sounds good to me!

Sort the CEO issue
Who calls the shots with Brady in as vice chairman? We know, but will Duxbury just play dead? Duckers, I’m sure, have a great and intricate contract. He can probably be a menace if he is made an enemy. He knows stuff that can be a burden if leaked and having to deal with that would take the focus and energy away from the real tasks. So he may well be around for a while or even given a nice office and title but little influence. Whatever the solution, it must be clear who does what and this must be handled as soon as possible. Actually it may allready have been sorted.


TBI said...

100k aint daft, talking about it in public is because already Blackburn have doubled their price for Benni.

and we're not even rich!

Joppe - said...

Already this season we have heard rumours of whining in the squad due to pay differences between the Academy recruits and the "mercenaries":

In the summer we need to sign a whole bunch of new contracts as the contracts of 5 or 6 first team players will be up 2011 (if I remember correctly), otherwise they will go on frees.
Regardless if we resign these players or sell and replace, that 100 k salary will be the benchmark to which all players and their agents will compare themselves!

I say don't do it again!

floatbuoy said...

Makes loads of sense, it's not rocket science - he's on a free - he's done it before in the PL and if he can score goals to keep us up then it's the bargain of the century!

50 x 100,000 = the price of a 5 million pound striker - see how it works???? geeez!

Joppe - said...

As isolated event you are right. In the context of a team needing to keep salaries down, I beg to differ.

Hakan said...

If this was the old world-class van Nistelrooy there might just be a case for paying him 100K. But Ruud has been past his best since before he left Manchester United.

Anonymous said...

yep he is past his best ..but our new owner should keep quiet anyway..open message to dave and dave..you don't have to impress us just keep your mouths shut and get on with the job..sorry if it sounds harsh but we have been here before

Joppe - said...

Welcome Anonymous, and I agree

Prince H said...

Me too. But I hope the RvN-rumour is just there to flash their guns. I mean if he gets hurt (which is plausibe at least) that will be just a waste..... and have split the team. No unit anymore. And we will look like a small brother to Chelski (and MC) and their attitude. But by the way Hamburg seems to be ready to take the chance.
The rumour of Fernando Cavenaghi seems much more interesting. I think he culd suit our style and he is still just 26.

Anonymous said...

yep thats a good one..just don't tell the whole world cos the price will go up ..i must say i have enjoyed your posts..joppe and prince h over the last couple of weeks..informative without getting hysterical..unlike alot of other sites..im pretty sure that g and s mean well..i just wish that it was the start of the season.

Joppe - said...

Thanks Anonymous, much appreciated.

In 8 months there will be a start of a season, and that's the time to have an improved squad. Now survival-fit will do.