Welcome home!

When I heard the press conference with our new owners - the local boys I haven't supported (in the take over), but will now - I actually was a bit moved.

Not mainly because Sullivan & Gold told us what a disastrous position we were in financially (with debts reaching over 102 M - I guess that depends on how you count, the lower numbers we have heard of before may not be totally wrong, just different), still they were able to give some credit to Dux as a man who have saved the club! But foremost because they really gave me the impression that they have a big heart for West Ham. Really.

It may be like in their films, fake orgasms, but being weak and hopeful I do not think so. They said that they would never had entered the race if they had not been great fans, missing out 22 (?) years ago. It will also help us that they know the football industry in and out as well.
They do hope that "Tony" (Fernandes) will step in for buying he other part of the club. It looks promising, but I doubt it. Even if Fernandes is in the same amount a true fan I guess he is more of an contractor or initiator than a financier. So he certainly would want the same amount of power. Would he be given that after this sale? Probably not. Maybe if somethig happens regarding the Olympic Stadium, a place where Sullivan wants us to play in the future.
Brady will come in, but it may be a place for Dux as well. Let's see. At least Zola will now be here at Chadwell heath and as the Davids certainly understood, it would have affected the fans a lot if our Italian was fired. Instead they will give him some money to spend!

A press conference will never be the reality in the end, and I may be too hopeful or naive, but promise; just for today!

Even if I do not like the way they have earned a big part of their money, we do now have two local boys and fans as owners. And they have already promised not to sell any of star players (it may be so Upson leaves anyway). According to them the club has had to sell for 8 millions now and 12 in the Summer if CBH was left the only owner in a week. It would have ment Coca-Cola league I guess. So they have already achieved something important!!

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Allan said...

Having watched their BBC interview I must state that I'm pleased to have them back.

They told it as it is. WH owe 110 mil. They have too high a wage bill and the team is not as good as Birmingham. They will pay Brady out of their own money for the next.

They are in for life because they are fans.

They will turn the club around over the next 7 years.

At last we have owners who are front with us.

They get my vote.

Good luck to them & us.