And another point in the bag

Since the last game we´ve changed owners. There seems to be some stability starting to surround the club. Still no new players in to the team but at least noone has left and there seems to be a couple of players on their way to Upton Park between now and January 31st. To read the first post on this topic look here.

One point vs Portsmouth yesterday was disappointing. We really needed 3 points vs. one of our relegation rivals. It was really close but close, ofcourse, isn´t enough.

How does this leave us in regard to the relegation battle? Well, we lost two points (but at least Portsmouth didn´t close in on the gap between the two teams). In the last game however we gained a point vs. Villa. That leaves us with two points from two games and only one point less then "expected". If the team produce results according to the predictions below we´d probably still make it in the end with 42 points.

To explain the predictions below this is what I think we'll need to fork out from each individual game in order to survive. I´ve tried to not be to optimistic cause I don´t want to be dependent on points away vs. the top 8 or so. That means a lot of the points will have to be gathered in the next month. Will we manage?

(Game: Prediction, Outcome, +/- from the game, +/- overall)

WHU - Wolves: 3p (postponed)
Aston Villa - WHU: 0p, 1p, 1p, 1p
Portsmouth - WHU: 3p, 1p, -2p, -1p
WHU - Blackburn: 3p
Total January: 9p

Burnley - WHU: 3p
WHU - Birmingham: 1p
WHU - Hull: 3p
Manchester United - WHU: 0p
Total February: 7p

WHU - Bolton: 1p
Chelsea - WHU: 0p
Arsenal - WHU: 0p
WHU - Stoke: 3p
Total March: 4p

Everton - WHU: 0p
WHU - Sunderland: 1p
Liverpool - WHU: 0p
WHU - Wigan: 3p
Total April: 4p

Fulham - WHU: 1p
WHU - Manchester City: 0p
Total May: 1p

(Prediction, +/- according to prediction, pointing towards x amount of points)

Total 2009: 18p
Total 2010: 25p, -1p, 24p
Total 09/10: 43p, -1p, 42p

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