Death may stumble the sale

As the CEO of Intermarket group all of a sudden died this weekend you can be almost certain that it will take at least some more days until they/someone else has bought our leaking club. Do not expect any definitive news today or tomorrow....
Jim Bowe was only 59 years old. Bubbleview express our condolences. But still hope Intermarket group (who at least have told media that they will continue, for Bowe's sake) or Fernandes can calm the club with a firm and strong offer.
Rather before Upson -as it seems - will be sold.


Joppe - said...

Or at least stumble the Intermarket bid.

Allan said...

Death, snow, no strikers, (see ones on trial) no money.

Can any thing else go wrong!

knowing WH's luck - Yes.

fingers crossed.

Prince H said...

Yes. The Millwall trial!