Eidur? Fine!

The Eidur rumour is back again!
I usually try to avoid commenting on them as I have always thought they were too far off the mark. Just a few weeks ago I hoped it wasn't true but I and the time left in the transfer window have changed since.

West Ham and Eidur are in the same kind of situation. Neither is doing particularly well in their respective surroundings and both are a bit desperate so this time there is a true rings to it for the first time. So I dont think he want to do the same misstake as he did with Monaco by going to Liverpool to warm their bench.
Eidur is something of a joke in West Ham circles. That is not really his own doing, he has been a great footballer, it's mostly down to the previous ridiculous rumours.
He is is a fair bit past his best but may still be just the player we need to stabilize the team and help us from being dependent on academy talent for the rest of this campain.
Not one for the future but our table position is a very much a problem of the present.

Can you see I'm working on the positive side of my personality?
Just don't tell me his contract details please.


Anonymous said...

Gold has just been talking to Gary Richardson on 5 live, and he said he would be prepared to pay a large salary for a short time to get us out of trouble. He said that VNR didn't want to sign for 4 months and has gone to Hamburg who signed him on a high wage for 1 months.

Maybe Eider can do a job for us, but longer term I'd really be wanting us to develop our youngsters - Nouble at the moment - or sign a decent prospect - Beckford anyone?

Right now though we need a proven EPL goal scorer and anyone who can do just that would be very welcome.

Anonymous said...

Meant '18 months' re Hamburg!!

Joppe - said...

Cheers Anonymous, just my thinking.

Prince H said...

Eidur no thanks!
Alright we may need someone (or two) up there rather sooner than later bur Eidur - who did not score in Barca, didn'tt score in Monaco, an is not specifically fond of West Ham (has he has turned us down a hundred times already).
Mainly no thanks just he does not fit in "our (G&S) request: Like Gold said:
"(We want) any centre forward, any striker, with a caveat that they must be able to score goals," he said. "There are lots of strikers who don't score goals.

Eidur are of the second type, the one that we do not need.

Joppe - said...

Eidur is a gamble that may not work. With less than a week of transfer window left he may do. If there are other alternatives I may opt for those.
But I think it beats being without adult alternatives when the first choice strikers are injured or banned.