Out of the FA-cup and not bitter!

In the end this may be a divine loss!
Well, at least we hope so as we now are out of the FA-cup and can concentrate to survie (or even better than so) in the League.
But we coped very well in 65 minutes with a very understrength team against a decent Arsenal side.
Having the lead (Diamanti in he last seconds of first half) and some other good trials against the Gunners goalie we may get bitter as we lost 1-2 in the end. But hey, this is West Ham. And again we may take some good moments with us from this game to the much more important one against Wolves next weekend. A game we can not afford to lose.

Green 8 - Some really outstanding saves tonight. Against Arsenal he as usual seems to find his best. (Arsenal had 13 goal attempts on target) Could not prevent their goals though.
Faubert 7 - I was quite impressed today and if some, earlier had questions to ask about putting the Frenchman as a RB, few doubters will be left. Fought and ran well. But must improve (a lot) with his crosses.
James Tomkins 5,5 - Alright some good moments, coming in aid mainly for Faubert, but so many mistakes as he did today... that is not allowed as a CB. May need a rest.
Matthew Upson 7 - Let Eduardo head the winner, otherwise solid! Happy to see him on the field, as that means that he hardly is sold yet.
Daprela 7 - A really nice debut of our "new" Swiss youngster. Made no, or few, mistakes, seemed to play without nerves. Will probably challenge Ilunga after this season and will from now on be our back up here. At least if I was to decide.
Diamanti 7,5 - Another important display from our Diamant. Works his socks off. Sometimes he plays really idiotic passes and looks like a true newcomer (to all football). Still his contribution was essential. He is our "skeleton key", and seems able to open any defence. Made the badge proud and is today very important for the team.
Behrami 8 - Our best man (together with our keeper) on the field today. He may have been weak against Tottscum, this was sooo different. Defensivly he was outstanding!
Kovac 7 - No more or less: Good performance. Song may have been he midfield master, but Kovac kept his positions well and set up Diamanti with a smart pass.
Stanislas 6 - Wants to much at times. Need to think more at some moments, and less at others. He was not the only one today who should have had more shots instead of taking another dribble too much. At moments Hammers looked like a child team who do not tries to score until they have dribbled to the goal line. Still a good contribution filled with energy and a strong will to perform.
Jimenez 5 - Well, ths time he (for once) really seemed like he wanted to get involved, but in the end he hardly did. Where has the Wizard gone?? Soon gone back to Italy?
Frank Nouble 6 - A debut alone at the top against a regular Arsenal back four is not the easiest. I thik yhe youngster (18) did well. No spectacular moves, few of those fast runs we've heard that he can do. Still, showed that this man has a good future with us. Battled well.

Anthony Edgar (debut!) and Freddie Sears (back from Palace) got a few minutes.

Now a really nervy week awaits. Will we be sold, will we be able to keep our players? Will Parker, Ilunga and maybe even Cole be ready for the extremly important game against Wolves?

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