West Ham and SpongeBob Squarepants

All I can say is, we're in safe hands.

At least when it comes to the licensing area. The team behind the licensing success of SpongeBob and Paddington has taken on the task of making us a brand to be reckoned with in Asia. CPLG or Copyright Promotions Licensing Group, that also helps Man C says that following the involvement in the 2009 Asia Trophy in Beijing, West Ham United believe the Hong Kong Licensing Show is a fantastic chance to introduce the club to new licensing opportunities in the Far East.
"We are confident that we have been able to demonstrate that the club has the
capacity to be a licensing success, not just on a local and national level, but
also internationally."
I am in no way against trying to sell merchandise (which is what licensing boils down to). I have my fair share of kits and other WH stuff and this could be money well spent but a great bonus, if you are to gain any success in this business, is to have a good product to promote. It's not just the club's active licensing department that secures the sale of a lot of Barca, Real Madrid and Inter mercandise around the world. I think it would be something of feat to get people in Asia to line up for a kit of a fizzy pop team.
"Our participation at this event, along with CPLG Sport, further reinforces our
commitment to expanding our licensing business in the years to come."
Winning a trophy or at least staying in the PL will do wonders if we are to compete with SpongeBob.


Prince H said...

Does that matter? I mean Spongebob is pretty lousy at football!
It may be enough if you act crazy and are happy enough with that, just like Spongebob! ANd maybe some WH players ;-D

Anonymous said...


i think this would be more appropriate

Joppe - said...

Anonymous: LOVE IT!

Paul said...

maybe they'll have someone dressed as SpongeBob run on with the physio :)

bit concerned that we seem to be playing tournaments as a marketing opportunity rather than to develop the team, but maybe there has to be a business side to football whether we like or or not

Joppe - said...

Or could it be young Lampard in a new disguise? :-D

And no question about the preseason is now a promotion tour. The year before we were in the US.

TBI said...

Waiting for our first Chinese player to sign....

angelapoe said...

maybe then I can finally get the West Ham smartphone cover, messenger bag, shoelaces, fragrance, mittens, checks, shower cap, plunger, mailbox, license plate border, and branded snuggie I've been after just in time for NEXT Christmas! Whooopee!

Joppe - said...

TBI: or Malasian?
Angela:Football club fragrance? Be careful what you whish for :D